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Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

Product code: 229818001

129.95 RRP €159.00

Price incl. VAT plus €16.35 (for delivery to United States of America)



The Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post is part of Airwings’ Expleto Premium Line and is especially designed for long-distance riders or challenging tour riders, that need to always be able to rely on their suspension support. But also riders that mostly want to provide relief for their seat will profit from the Expleto Travel’s comfortable ride quality. This is achieved through a total of three steel springs made from industrial-grade steel which create comfortable and yet progressive spring characteristics throughout the 53 mm of travel. By adjusting the spring preload, the suspension can be individually and precisely set. If the setup doesn’t suit you though, just switch out the springs for harder or softer ones to adapt it to your exact weight and preferences.
For an especially sensitive response, Airwings has also built in high-quality linear ball bearings, with bearing play that can be set to play-free operation. The linear bearings with up to 150 balls cause less friction and ensure good longevity despite being low-maintenance. Thanks to all of these features, the Airwings Expleto Travel offers you problem-free riding enjoyment from touring all the way to e-bike.

The included spring combination is recommended for riders weighing 70 - 120 kg and can be adjusted to the body weight using separately available spare springs and their various combinations (see below).

• Suspension seat post for all types of bikes
• Suitable for e-bikes, pedelecs and s-pedelecs (up to 45 km/h)
• Absorbs vibrations and impacts during the ride
• Increases the ride quality by easing the burden on the post
• Suspension through exchangeable steel springs
• Adjustable spring preload
• Smooth-running due to low-maintenance linear bearings (3rd generation)
• Adjustable bearing play
• Construction prevents jamming or twisting
• Continuous adjustable saddle angle
• Bellows protect from dust
• Made in Germany
• 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Technical details:
• Material: steel, aluminium
• Suspension: 2 x 80 mm steel springs, 1 x 56 steel springs
• Travel: approx. 53 mm
• Available diameters: Ø 27.2 mm / 30.9 mm / 31.6 mm (please indicate your choice!)
• Clamp: patented saddle clamp for Ø 7 mm round saddle rails (can be converted to a candle mount)
• Recommended bike rider weight: approx. 70 – 120 kg (can be adapted with separate spring sets)
• Maximum load: 140 kg
• Total length: approx. 425 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: 100 mm
• Minimum stack height: approx. 105 mm
• Maximum stack height: approx. 325 mm
• Weight: approx. 782 g (version: 27.2 mm)

Possible suspension combinations for weight adjustment:
• Soft (< 60 kg): blue 80 mm – red 56 mm – red 80 mm
• Middle (50 kg – 80 kg): red 80 mm – red 56 mm – yellow 80 mm
• Hard (70 kg – 120 kg): red 80 mm – yellow 56 mm – yellow 80 mm (pre-installed standard)
• Extra-hard (120 kg – 140 kg): yellow 80 mm – yellow 56 mm – yellow 80 mm

For the corresponding springs see product codes:
• Prod. code: 53230500 (blue/soft/80 mm)
• Prod. code: 53230700 (red/middle/80 mm)
• Prod. code: 53230600 (yellow/hard/80 mm)
• Prod. code: 53210700 (blue/middle-hard/56 mm)
• Prod. code: 53210800 (red/hard/56 mm)
• Prod. code: 53210900 (yellow/extra-hard/56 mm)

In the box:
• 1 Airwings Expleto Travel suspension seat post

Larger riders with a body weight of over 120 kg should also take a look at the Airwings Expleto Solid (prod. code 2298181), which has a very robust construction and designed for rider weights of 120 – 170 kg.

Material: aluminium:
Material: carbon:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
A853272 E1
Reviews (6)


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Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

Super Sattelstütze!
lässt sich gut einstellen

Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

30,9 mm
Nach 200 kmEinfahrzeit federt sie sehr soft. Das raue Einfedern war nur in der Anfangszeit zu spüren. Die Einstellschrauben für den Sattelwinkel werden durch die Sattelträger teilweise verdeckt. Schrauben sehr schwergängig.

Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

sehr gut

Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

Leider auch in 27, 2 das gleiche schlechte, sägeartige Einfederungsverhalten wie bei der 31,6er. Scheint ein Serienfehler zu sein, denn wenn das so in der Premium_Linie beabsichtigt ist, weiß ich auch nicht. Gewicht der 27,2er ist mit gemessenen 763g noch akzeptabel aber dennoch schwer. Habe mich nun für die Airwings Comfort Plus entschieden und es nicht bereut.

Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

der erste Kauf in 31,6mm (925g!!) war ein Reinfall. Katastrophales Einfederungsverhalten schon beimAuspacken.. Fühlt sich an wie Metallsägen. Entweder Kugellager verklemmt oder defekt. Von "Federweichem" Einfedern kann keine Rede sein. Dazu das abartige Gewicht von 925g. warum wird nicht das Gewicht pro Ausführung angegeben? Geht jedenfalls umgehend zurück. Ich gebe der Stütze noch einen Versuch in 27,2mm. 1 Stern für made in Germany. Auch wenn das nichts mehr Wert ist...

Expleto Travel Suspension Seat Post

30,9 mm