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Vista Pro Swimming Goggles

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Aqua Sphere

Vista Pro Swimming Goggles

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When swimming indoors or in open water, the single-lens Aqua Sphere Vista Pro swimming goggles impress with panoramic vision. Yet, the uninterrupted distortion-free panoramic vision is not at the expense of hydrodynamics, since the curved frame doesn’t offer considerably more water resistance than traditional swimming goggles. Ideal for open water swimming during training and competition.

Compared to the Aqua Sphere Vista, the design of this model has been completely revised for a sporty look. At first sight, the slim frame of the Vista Pro reminds you of a pair of sporty road cycling glasses, if only it didn’t have a seal and a head strap. However, thanks to their transparent design you can hardly see those details at all, even though they ensure a tight seal and a perfect fit thanks to soft silicone. Easy-to-use buckles with a flat shape and precise adjustment options for an aerodynamic fit of the swimming goggles improve comfort and allow for easy and precise adjustments of the head strap, even while wearing the panoramic goggles. At least when swimming longer distances, you’ll appreciate the good pressure distribution reducing red marks around your eyes.

Different environments and light conditions require different lens tints and coatings to provide best vision and eye protection against sun rays in the wet element. For an overview of all lens technologies by Aqua Sphere see below.

• Single lens panoramic goggles with 180° field of vision
• Hydrodynamic shape for low water resistance
• Curved lens
• For a wide and distortion-free field of vision under water
• 100% UV-A / UV-B protection
• Anti-fog protection
• Scratch protection (mirrored lenses only)
• Perfect seals thanks to anatomic silicone mask body
• Latex-free and antiallergic
• Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) for increased sealing and comfort
• Frame with rubber-coated appliqués for added grip
• Easy-to-use Quick-Fit buckle for easy head strap adjustments
• Elastic buckle system for maximum comfort
• Resistant to salt water
• Material: polycarbonate, silicone

In the box:
• Aqua Sphere Vista Pro swimming goggles
• Hard case

Mirrored lenses:
Transparent lenses:
Tinted lenses:
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Vista Pro Swimming Goggles

blue/clear lens
leider dringt immer Wassere in, ich nutze diesen Brillentyp schon sehr lange und leider ist die Qualität schlechter geworden. Zudem beschlägt die Brille.

Vista Pro Swimming Goggles

black/gold mirrored lens

Clear glass

Transmits natural light and is therefore ideal for poor light conditions or cloudy days when maximum brightness is required. Fulfills the protective function, yet allows sufficient light to pass through in order to perceive as much of the environment as possible.
AREA OF USE: Indoor pools and poor light conditions
© Aqua Lung

Grey tinted

Also called Smoked Glass or Smoke. Reduces the light that enters the eye, reduces brightness, dazzling reflections and preserves the natural perception of colours and contrasts. As the tint protects the eye from direct sunlight, it is ideally suited for very bright light conditions.
AREA OF USE: Outdoors – Sunny – Bright light conditions
© Aqua Lung


Polarized lenses absorb direct light and reflections from the water very well. The light is less intense for your eyes and does not dazzle you anymore. Your sight becomes clearer and sharper. The perception of colours is improved as well. If you love swimming outdoors, you should go for goggles with this type of lenses to make sure your sight remains clear and glare-free.
AREA OF USE: Outdoors – Sunny – Bright light conditions
© Aqua Lung

Orange tinted

Offers outstanding vision, in bright as well as in poor light conditions. Orange lenses improve your vision in poor light conditions (for example indoor pools or overcast skies). Blue light is filtered, contrasts are increased and the perception of depth and shadows is improved.
AREA OF USE: All dark to medium light conditions
© Aqua Lung

Tinted blue

For medium light transmission and light glare protection. A clear view is the most important benefit of goggles with blue lenses. Your vision feels cooler and contrasts are enhanced. A practical colour in changing light conditions.
AREA OF USE: Indoors and outdoors – allround lens – poor to medium light conditions
© Aqua Lung


Mirrored lenses for maximum reflection of sunlight. The metallic coating is mostly applied to dark lenses, which results in a strong reduction of the light entering the eye. These lenses reduce brightness and dazzling reflections and are ideal for very bright light conditions and when the sun is low.
AREA OF USE: Outdoors – Sunny – Very bright light conditions
© Aqua Lung