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ONLY HOT Toe warmers

The ONLY HOT toe warmers will make cold feet a thing of the past. When riding your bike on cold days, the toe warmers will offer you pleasantly warm f...


ONLY HOT Foot warmers

The ONLY HOT foot warmers will be the perfect choice for you, if you are outside on cold days and often suffer from cold feet. When exposed to oxygen...


ONLY HOT Hand warmers 5 pairs

The ONLY HOT hand warmers are also available in a practical set of 5 consisting of five pairs of disposable warmers. This source of heat will keep you...


ONLY HOT Hand warmers

You won't do without the ONLY HOT hand warmers ever again. The disposable warmers automatically heat up when the pack is torn open and thus are a sour...


ONLY HOT Body warmer

The ONLY HOT body warmer is the perfect choice for all those who want to be kind to their muscles. The disposable warmer can e.g. be sticked on your b...


ONLY HOT Body warmers 5 pieces

The ONLY HOT body warmer is also available in practical set of 5 consisting of five disposable warmers. Perfect for tense muscles, neck pain or rheuma...

RRP €9.45 8.45 
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Body Warmers


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