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Profile Legacy II aero bar

The Legacy II aero bar by Profile offers you a large number of different grip and riding positions and thus allows for an aerodynamic and yet relaxed...

Colour: black

RRP €74.99 49.90 

Best rated!

Cinelli Cork Gel Ribbon handlebar tape

The particularly thick VibraAbsorb gel insert in the Cinelli Cork Gel Ribbon handlebar tape ensures that you have a safe grip on the handlebar - even...

RRP €19.95 12.95 

Best rated!

Ritchey Comp Venture Max drop bar

The Ritchey Comp Venture Max drop bar is designed for mile-eaters with a thirst for adventure. Whether steep climbs, winding slopes, relaxed training...

Colour: black/matt

RRP €49.99 34.95 

Best rated!

Lizard Skins DSP 3,2 mm handlebar tape Road

An extremely lightweight handlebar tape with excellent shock absorption to make sure you will always have full control over your road bike. You will f...

Best rated!

ERGON GS1 grips

For the optimum balance of comfort and lightness – with the Ergon GS1 grips, your hands will easily master long distances on the bike. The grips provi...

RRP €39.95 29.95 

Best rated!

ergotec Riser Bar 50 handlebar

Best steering control in an upright riding position – the ergotec Riser Bar 50 finds your perfect balance. Besides, the handlebar made of 6061 alumini...

Colour: black

RRP €41.90 29.90 

Best rated!

ergotec riser ergo bar

A tailor-made handlebar! The ergotec riser ergo bar is available in one shape – yet in six different sizes. This system offers you the possibility to...

Colour: black

RRP €23.90 17.95 

Best rated!

Spirgrips® MTB inner bar ends

Especially during longer rides, the MTB Spirgrips® offer a relaxing alternative grip position and provide thus relief for palms and joints stressed fr...

Colour: black matt

black matt
RRP €69.95 49.95 

Best rated!

fi´zi:k Microtex Superlight handlebar tape

The fi´zi:k Microtex Superlight handlebar tape feels good in your hands and, moreover, adds style to your bike. It is made from sturdy Microtex microf...

Best rated!

Spank Spoon Lock On grips

The nubbed diamond profile of the Spoon Lock On grips gives you the necessary safety during challenging downhills. Two aluminium screw clamps keep the...

RRP €14.90 12.90 

Best rated!

ERGON GP5 BioKork grips

The Ergon GP5 BioKork grips with full-size bar end and BioKork come with optimum ergonomic features: pain in the hands or numb fingers are minimised o...

RRP €79.95 59.95 

Best rated!

ERGON GP3 grips for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters

The Ergon GP3 grip is suitable for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters and combines pleasant shifting comfort with an ergonomically convincing grip shape. Th...

RRP €54.95 39.95 

Best rated!

Profile V2+ aero bar

The V2+ aero bar is designed for ambitious athletes who want to get out of the wind to save energy and offers a very stretched yet comfortable riding...

Colour: black/matt

RRP €129.99 87.90 

Best rated!

Profile Aerobar Bracket Riser kit

This riser kit permits to raise the extensions of a Profile aerobar together with the arm rests and thus adapt the bar to your desired riding position...

Colour: black

RRP €34.99 24.95 

Best rated!

ERGON GA2 Fat grips

You asked for it – in response to many requests, Ergon launches the popular GA3 grip in a fat version with extra thick circumference. With that, the m...

RRP €29.95 22.95 

Best rated!

ERGON GP5 grips for Rohloff / Nexus twist shifters

Enjoy best ergonomics with Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters – the Ergon GP5 grips are well prepared for any eventuality. The angle-adjustable full-size ba...

RRP €74.95 58.90 

Best rated!

Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape

The Microfiber Bar Tape by Brooks offers effective protection from moisture and abrasion thanks to carefully selected materials and a polyurethane coa...

RRP €23.00 16.95 

SQlab 411 Innerbarends bar ends for inner handlebar

Have you ever seen something like this before? The SQlab 411 inner bar ends have changed the side. They are no longer mounted on the outer end of the...

RRP €39.95 36.95 

Best rated!

ERGON Ergon GP1 BioKork grip for Rohloff/Nexus

The Ergon GP1 BioKork grips come with a shorter right grip to ensure compatibility with Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters. The grips are approved for use o...

RRP €42.95 from29.95 

ERGON GP3 BioKork grips for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters

Purely organic – the GP3 BioKork grips by Ergon for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters were produced with the idea of sustainability in mind. They offer eff...

RRP €59.95 44.90 

Handlebars and Handlebar Accessories

Handlebars and individual handlebar accessories

Handlebars and handlebar accessories for MTBs, fitness bikes, road bikes and triathlon bikes

This is where you will find everything to do with handlebars. You should select bicycle handlebar with care, because the wrong handlebar quickly leads to fatigue and pain, e.g. on the back.

Do you want to buy a new handlebar? With us, you have with us a number of uses, sizes and materials to choose from. We stock handlebars for mountain bikes, trekking and touring bikes as well as for road and triathlon bikes.

But the choice does not stop there: If you particularly value low weight and high comfort, a carbon handlebar can quickly save a few grams. Today, modern aluminium handlebars no longer have to be hidden.

With many handlebars you can also specially select the width - in doing so, you should bear the application in mind. If you want more stability and control, a wide handlebar in the MTB range is the most obvious choice. You will get more manoeuvrability with a narrower bar. This is where your body measurements also play a role: Thinner riders are more likely to go for smaller handlebars.

Do you have the right handlebar? If so, browse our range of handlebar accessories: The right handlebar strips, grips, plugs, cycle bells, mirrors and special handlebar attachments can add to the safety, comfort and fun experienced on the bike.