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The secure and robust fixation of your smartphone

Looking for the perfect smartphone mount for your bike
It all began with an iPhone and a move. When Chris Peters moved to Melbourne, he used his mobile phone to find his way in the new city. What worked fine in the car or by foot, posed big problems on the bike. Taking the phone out of the pocket, orientating yourself or even riding with the phone in one hand and the other hand on the handlebar – all this was simply too dangerous for him. There simply was no suitable smartphone mount for the bike, which allowed for a secure fixation of the device and was not too big for the handlebar. Several tests with a mount for cars or with adapters did not satisfy him either, because these solutions were not stable enough or too bulky for the handlebar of his bike. This is when the idea for the first Quad Lock bike mount for smartphones was born.

Secure solution – the unique Quad Lock adapter system
The Quad Lock products are a combination of a smartphone case and a robust handlebar mount for the bike. These two elements are connected with the unique Quad Lock adapter. Half of this universal adapter is integrated in the phone case and half of it in the bike mount. With just a few moves, both components can be connected on the bike and create thus the Quad Lock smartphone mount with its proven quality. In this way, Quad Lock offers an uncomplicated and discreet solution for fixation to the handlebar. When the smartphone is not carried on the handlebar of your bike or in the car mount, the Quad Lock case serves as protective smartphone case in everyday life.

A smartphone mount explores the streets
The dual action locking mechanism can be mounted in just seconds and secures your smartphone safely to the bike mount at the handlebar or stem of your bike. Removing the smartphone case is just as easy as fixing it. Even a crash, vibrations or impacts will not make the device fall out of the mount. Numerous emails from customers written to the Australian founders show how uncomplicated and secure the system is. Even during crashes, the bike mount proved its high quality – when the bike mount still held the device securely to protect the rider from components flying about. The users of the Quad Lock mount all agree: This product is worth the money!

Quad Lock – from a crowdfunding project to a success story
Chris Peters and his business partner Rob Ward launched the Quad Lock system as a crowdfunding project on the internet in 2011. In this way, they wanted to raise the start-up capital needed for the first Quad Lock bike mount for smartphones. Within two weeks, the funding aim was reached and even surpassed – everyone wanted to equip their bikes with the unique universal system. To be able to deal with the vast amount of enquiries, a webshop was required for the Quad Lock products. Now, the Australian company delivers in more than 4000 cities and over 100 countries. A success story that simply goes on and on! The product range now includes more than a lightweight and easy-to-use bike mount for smartphones – among other things, the Quad Lock system at the smartphone case can now also be attached to an armband for jogging. There is a kit available for running or for cycling, as well as matching accessories. Just the right thing for those looking for a versatile adapter to take along their smartphone anytime and everywhere.