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Rixen & Kaul
Cycle baskets and rucksacks

Those who do not just want to ride their bikes through beautiful landscapes, but also want to stow baggage easily, safely and above all quickly will find a travel companion with great quality cycle accessories in the form of the cycling accessories brand Rixen & Kaul. The manufacturer’s range includes handlebar bags, handlebar baskets, cycle baskets and comfortable backpacks. In the range of cycle accessories, Rixen & Kaul offers screw connections for bicycle handlebar baskets and cycle rack baskets. These give the products on the cycle pannier rack the necessary support to ensure that all purchases are carried safely to their destination. The company even offers a great variety of so-called quick mounting solutions for bikes. Under the name KLICKfix, the company offers a series of adapters which facilitate the transportation of various objects by bike.

Cycle products from Rixen & Kaul, really lightweight with cycle baskets made from aluminium   
Today, one of Rixen & Kaul’s early inventions is now a matter of course for cyclists who want to tighten their spokes. In order to centre the wheel spokes, the nipple tightener ‘SPOKEY’ is used, just as it was when it was invented. Under the KLICKfix brand, the company Rixen & Kaul has now brought out various bicycle accessories which are of great benefit for cyclists. Due to its workmanship, the handlebar basket can be used 365 days a year. This cycle basket is made of aluminium and its production method makes it really lightweight. Shopping weighing several kilogrammes can be both safely and practically transported with this shopping aid to virtually any location. With many practical pockets and functions, the KLICKfix backpacks are just as good and functional. All bicycle products from this company are ‘Made in Germany’. Both the development and the manufacturing are also implemented in Germany.

Cycling rucksacks from Rixen & Kaul: accessories for sport and cycling which have won awards for their design  
As passionate cyclists, the staff know the needs of their clients. As such, cycle accessory products from Rixen & Kaul are the result of their own experience and needs. After all, what has to be transported on a bicycle needs a secure attachment, which can be easily used in road traffic. With the adapter systems and bicycle accessories from KLICKfix, Rixen & Kaul’s own brand, a solution has been developed which many cyclists resort to on a daily basis. By using it, panniers, bike baskets and bike locks can be fastened with a click. Thanks to the manufacturer’s cycling backpacks, cyclists themselves can carry luggage or clothing. Today the manufacturer’s systems can be found on many bikes and as such, they act as constant companions and helpers over all distances. Longevity is guaranteed. Design awards are a confirmation of the product’s high standards.