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Each metre ridden with a bike is a good metre and with the MULTISTREET, you’ll have lots of good metres: This bike is always ready, always there when you need it and a perfect training partner. Why? Because every ride to work, to the shopping mall or around the lake can be a training unit, and because each kilometre ridden will improve your fitness. We are not talking about cruising though, we are talking about racing, as this bike is a genuine racing bike. It features a lightweight and stiff frame with a racing geometry, an exclusive carbon fork and selected high-end parts that perform reliably and precisely. Besides, the MULTISTREET is an ideal all-round bike. It can be easily equipped with a carrier, a lighting system and mudguards to make it suitable for versatile use. Why should you be satisfied with less when you can have it all? Training at any time, in any place – the MULTISTREET will prod you into action!

MULTISTREET – don’t waste your time!