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The mountains have been a big attraction to humans ever since their exploration. Yet looking at this magnificent landscape is not as beautiful as riding right through it on a mountain bike! Good touring bikes combine sportiness and comfort in a perfect way. All those who love to ride long distances will appreciate those characteristics. When it is about eating miles, a bike has to roll smoothly and offer efficient suspension to make sure that no energy is lost.

At the same time, the bike should be comfortable, as great comfort saves energy and particularly makes long tours more pleasant. Touring bikes love to ride across the country, length and type of route are rather of secondary importance. Just as the ideas of a tour differ from one rider to another, our touring bikes GROUND CONTROL and THE TUSKER are different, too. The GROUND CONTROL comes in a classic, modern look. It is a full-suspension bike with 130 mm of travel at the rear and 115 mm for size XS. This bike offers high performance so that it could even be used in cross country races and enough endurance to ride a marathon. Thanks to 27,5-inch wheels, the bike offers good roll-over characteristics and pleasant nippiness. THE TUSKER on the contrary rides on thick 4-inch wheels and is a specialist for very special tours. It easily rolls over snow and loose sand and thanks to great traction and a large contact surface to the ground, it offers enormous grip and safety. This effect also proves advantageous on singletracks: Even though the bike has no rear suspension, it offers incredibly high comfort.

Of course, these bikes are not only suitable for sporty use. Their versatility is outstanding, they also show their strengths far away from the tracks. No matter whether you are looking for a classic and modern bike or for an extreme and special bike, in our range you’ll find the right bike for everyone. Which bike will you use for your next adventure?