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Maybe it is our most versatile marathon bike, maybe it is just a really good all-rounder – our new BACKROAD! Born to discover country roads and storm to the front, it is not reluctant to gravel roads either. This bike will not say no, it says YES to all possibilities. It is based on our high-end carbon frame and combines the best marathon features with sporty ambitions and high suitability for everyday life. A frame weight of approx. 1040 grams shows the way, dawdling is a thing of the past. High Modulus Aerospace Carbon Fibre T30/40 provides outstanding lateral stiffness and efficient acceleration. Fitted with disc brakes, it is ready for unpredictable roads, because safety is no coincidence. Our bike for backroads, the Backroad – our bike for more freedom of choice!

BACKROAD – let us move you!