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Best rated!

BKOOL Smart Pro 2 turbo trainer

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Best rated!

From now on, virtual indoor cycling is even more realistic. With the Bkool Smart Pro 2, the developers of Bkool have reached a new level of usability... more details

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From now on, virtual indoor cycling is even more realistic. With the Bkool Smart Pro 2, the developers of Bkool have reached a new level of usability and connectivity. The Pro 2 combines advanced biomechanics with a powerful virtual reality cycling software.

The second version of the Smart Pro by Bkool not only comes in a futuristic Transformer look, but it was also technically upgraded. With 68 decibels at 35 km/h, the running noises are extremely low – even though this also depends on the tyres used. Speaking of tyres: The plug & play rear wheel mount of the trainer allows you to also easily fix larger axles of mountain bikes and fat bikes. However, it is recommended to use a tyre with a smooth tread to prevent high noise levels.
The roller trainer is compatible with all wheel diameters from 20“ to 29“. Despite a compact size and a low weight of only 12 kg, the trainer that can be disassembled in two pieces is very stable during intensive sprints, as telescoping legs ensure highest stability. With a power of up to 1200 watts, the trainer can simulate slopes of up to 20% via the magnetic resistance. Besides, Bkool trainers are the only ones that simulate inertia – a virtual moment of inertia that makes slopes feel even more realistic thanks to intelligent software control of the flywheel mass.

This brings us to the core of the roller trainer: the cycling simulator. It is this processor-controlled software that turns the Bkool into a comprehensive, virtual training system, so that you can comfortably do your favourite sport at home, alone or together with friends all over the world via data streaming.

Apart from Bluetooth Smart (BLE), the Bkool Smart Pro 2 is compatible with ANT+ FE-C to allow for a wireless connection to a computer, Mac, portable device or tablet, and for the pairing with cadence and heart rate sensors. The up- and download of data is managed via the software with intuitive installation. In order to use the complete range of functions of the roller trainer together with the Bkool indoor simulator, you need a 2 Mbps internet connection (even though you can also control the resistance of the trainer independent of power or internet, but without simulation). Join the Bkool community!

The Bkool cycling simulator offers a wide range of virtual training methods :
· The Route Simulator: Configure your avatar you want to ride with.
The progress of your training or race is controlled by the simulator and linked to the simulated race course. Train alone, in a team or with real opponents. Get in touch with athletes all over the world and ride millions of different routes in 3D, video or map view. One click is enough to switch between the different modes. In the 3D world, realistic routes are displayed as animation with their natural environment. Furthermore, you can upload the GPX data of your favourite cycling routes, so that the simulator can reconstruct the route in 3D. The world is huge. It would be far too boring to only ride a few tracks on your roller trainer. If you want to experience the track from the rider’s perspective and feel as if you were on the road, you can activate the video view. Here, you can also upload self-recorded videos or GPX data and share them with other members of the community. If you want to ride tactically and measure distances and times, you can read your position and those of your competitors from the map.

Another highlight is the BKool Weather Technology, as it simulates the current weather and light situation on the track. Even sun position and lunar phase are simulated according to the selected time of your ride. It’s a great experience to feel the riding conditions in rain and wind on the roller trainer or to ride with lights on in the dark.
· Video courses: Improve your fitness whenever you want with the help of professional online trainers. The courses offered include different performance levels, training goals, trainers and music genres. Analyse your results on a workscreen and share them with friends all over the world.
· Workouts: Special training sessions of professional trainers help you to achieve your training goals. Check your work zone, power output and cadence like a pro in the ERG mode. Sync your activities with Strava and Garmin and import MRC data from TrainingPeaks.
· Velodrome: Ride individual time trials or team pursuits with your avatar. Feel the adrenaline in Keirin, time trials or pursuits. Break records in classic races based on distance or time and challenge yourself again and again.

Details Bkool Smart Pro 2 roller trainer:
· Modern, functional design
· Powerful with up to 1200 W with gradual increase
· 68 dB at 35 km/h
· Simulation via magnetic brake
· For 20"-29" wheels
· Plug & Play
· Clamping mechanism: clamping lever
· No calibration required
· Good grip between tyre and roll
· Can be folded and disassembled
· No maintenance required
· Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and ANT+ FE-C
· Pairing with cadence and heart rate sensors
· Dimensions: approx. 570 x 610 x 412 mm (with extended legs approx. 810 x 610 x 412 mm)
· Weight: approx. 11,6 kg

Details simulator software*:
· Millions of different tracks availavle
· 4 different training methods
· Routes in 2D, 3D, video and map display
· Resistance control based on rider’s weight, route profile and weather
· Virtual inertia
· BKool Real Weather Technology
· Single and multiplayer
· Voice chat with other riders
· Spectator mode
· Sport events with leagues and groups
· Create your own routes based on videos and GPX data
· Analysis platform with workscreen
· Rankings and individual training programmes
· Compatible with Strava, Garmin and TrainingPeaks
· Social Friends function
· HD resolution (depending on hardware)

*When buying the Bkool Smart Pro 2 trainer, you will get a voucher for a 3-month premium subscription.** This subscription is fee-based and can be extended on a monthly or yearly basis. The voucher can only be redeemed in the country of the online shop you’ve received the voucher from. The free base account offers free access to a limited number of routes, yet only in 2D mode.
*** only valid for use within Germany

System requirements:
PC: Windows 7 or later, 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core processor, hard drive: 2 GB free
iOS: iOS 7 or later, iPad 3. generation or later
Mac: OSX 10.8, 4 GB RAM, hard drive: 2 GB free
Android: 4.3, 1 GB RAM, Dual Core

Internet connection: 2 Mbps
ANT+ antenna or Bluetooth Smart
For use with an iPad, you’ll need the ANT+ Wahoo Key (not included).
For use with Android tablets without integrated ANT+, you’ll additionally need an OTG cable (not included).
Bluetooth Smart (Windows 8.1 or later required)
iPad 2 or later. To ensure your iPad can recognize external ANT+ sensors, you’ll need the Wahoo Fitness Key receiver (not included). If your iPad comes with lightning port, you’ll need an adapter (available in Apple stores).

· Bkool Smart Pro 2 roller trainer
· Quick release
· Front wheel support
· USB ANT+ stick
· Power supply

Optional accessories:
· Bkool 142x12 mm thru axle adapter (item no.: 2255329)
· Bkool ANT+ USB 2.0 stick (item no.: 2255328)
· Bkool Pro training mat (item no.: 2255326)

Compatible with ANT+:
Mechanical control:
Wireless control:
Magnetic resistance:
Fluid resistance:
Motor brake:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
Without brake resistance system:
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Smart Pro 2 turbo trainer


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