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Duo-Sport EMS Device Battery-Powered Muscle Stimulator

Product code: 228488001

199.95 RRP €299.00

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The Bluetens Duo-Sport set offers no less than two smartphone connected Tens devices that help you recover faster and treat and strengthen your muscles and joints with the help of electric muscle stimulation. As the tiny stimulators are directly fitted to the snap-on connectors of an M size adhesive pad via an adapter, they allow for best freedom of movement. Once activated, the two stimulators simultaneously transfer electrical impulses to two additional pads via a connecting cable. Perfect for mobile use without any annoying cables. Thus, this set is twice as effective as the Bluetens standard EMS device. After all, it allows you to stimulate two body regions at once. Either with the same or with two different programmes. Turn your smartphone into a wellness coach! You can easily control the compact Bluetens EMS devices with built-in battery with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply download the Bluetens app, start the Tens device and the programme on your smartphone and stick on the electrode pads as described in the manual to start with electric muscle stimulation. Both devices work completely independently from one another for up to 5 hours with a proven natural effect.

Bluetens stimulates your muscles with gentle or dynamic electrical impulses. The effect of the treatment depends on the frequency, intensity and duration of treatment. You can choose from more than 100 physio programmes thanks to 3 different modes and 15 body regions with 5 sensations each. Whether used for pain relief according to the HAN Method, for improving the elasticity of your muscles, for increased fat burning or for a body purifying massage: The EMS device is so compact you can use it anywhere and anytime to relax, strengthen your muscles or relieve pain. The specific stimulation parameters are transferred from your smartphone to the Bluetens device for targeted muscle stimulation. The electrode pads were developed by physiotherapists and fitness coaches with the aim to make professional electrotherapy accessible for all. Bluetens offers solutions for a natural pain relief therapy, for relaxation after a hard day or for active recovery and muscle build-up.

3 modes to choose from...

• Helps improve muscle elasticity
• Supports endurance and speed strength
• Helps build muscles and improve body posture
• Increases the training effect on your muscles
• Stimulation current for pain relief
• Gate Control for a fast effect through stimulation of the nerves
• Slow-acting Burst Technology stimulates the production of endorphins
• Massage effect through the tension and relaxation exercises for different muscle groups
• Supports blood supply to the vessels
• Supports recovery
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Improves muscular metabolism
• Reduces muscle tension and the risk of sore muscles

...with 5 sensation effects.

• Friction: The perfect effect for pain relief. You will feel a gentle tingling.
• Kneading: Fast muscle relaxation thanks to a deep-acting kneading effect. Supports blood flow, removes metabolic products.
• Pressure: Like a physiotherapeutic massage with a comforting effect on the different layers of the skin, with increasing intensity through to deeper muscle structures.
• Striking: Short relaxing impulses to activate the supply of blood to the muscles.
• Contraction: Tension and relaxation to intensify the training effect.

...for 15 body regions, from the upper back down to the feet,
...with more than 100 programmes.

• Two EMS devices with built-in battery in a set
• Very compact design
• Two wireless Duo Sport adapters for a wireless connection to the pad
• Two electrode cable sets with two connectors each (2 x 15 cm und 2 x 25 cm)
• With compatible electrode pads for stimulation
• Electrode gel for best conductivity
• Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic
• Very adhesive and don’t leave a sticky residue
• Adhesive pads may be used up to 30 times
• Programmes are controlled via a smartphone
• Free app download via Google Play or AppStore
• Connection via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
• You can choose from over 100 applications for specific body regions and effects
• Dual Mode: You can save an application on the Bluetens and call it up with your smartphone (may be used with Bluetooth connection or as a separate device)
• On/off switch with powerful LED
• Controlled with a control knob
• Intensity control via dial or app
• Intensity display in 4 steps
• Automatically switches off after each programme
• Reset button (reset to default settings)
• Connection for electrode cable
• Micro USB charging socket with slide cover
• Integrated lithium-ion battery 3,7V 400 mAh
• Rechargeable via micro USB 5 V 1000 mA
• Battery charge indicator (flashing light when capacity is below 20%)
• Charging time: approx. 1 hour (lasts for 4-5 hours or up to 15 applications)
• Output voltage: 0-70V (impedance 500 Ohm)
• Output current: 20 mA, max. 300 mA
• Frequency: 1 – 1200 Hz
• Type of current: symmetrical bi-phase rectangular pulsed current
• Resistance: max. 1500 ohm
• Dimensions: approx. 40 x 60 x 12 cm
• Weight: approx. 25 g
• CE test mark (93/42/EEC Regulation)

• Bluetens Get Better app as free download
• Automatic connection via Bluetooth when starting the app
• Covers 15 body regions and the joints
• Over 100 different programmes
• Easy menu navigation and selection of body region and effect with detailed description of what to do
• Step-by-step description of effect, programme and positioning of the electrodes on the body
• You may stop and continue a programme at any time
• Calendar: Plan the scope of your treatment (programme, number of treatments, number of days)
• List of favourites: Quick access to your favourite programmes
• Save and use of a programme from the Bluetens memory
• Statistics mode (operating life, favourite programmes)
• Exercises with session planning
• Training programmes and plans
• Pro mode for experienced users with access to the app’s specs
• FAQs
• Detailed videos on how to use the device on YouTube
• Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 or later/ iPhone 4S, iOS 7 or later
• 10 languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish

In the box:
• Bluetens Duo-Sport stimulators (2 devices)
• 2x Wireless Duo Sport adapters for wireless use directly on the pad
• 8x sports electrode pads size S (50 x 50 mm) and
• 4x sports electrode pads size M (100 x 50 mm) like product code 2284882
• 2x USB charging cables
• 4x snap-on electrode connecting cables (2 x 15 cm and 2 x 25 cm)
• Waterproof bag
• Compact travel box

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