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Swimming without limits – for years, this has been the vision of Mathias Weigner, a specialist in German studies. The desire of the enthusiastic swimmer for a breathing apparatus that provides the swimmer with fresh air through a breathing tube while also perfectly adapting to the head shape represents the motivation behind AMEO. Yet this company is not headquartered in one of the swimming paradises with a view of the sea, but in the Bavarian town of Tutzing near Munich, Germany. 

With the idea of the Powerbreather the young Bavarian company has been mixing things up in the world of swimming since 2015. The breathing apparatus is optimized for demanding amateurs and athletes and allows swimmers, triathletes or snorkellers to fully concentrate on their endurance or technique training thanks to its unconventional design.

With the breathing apparatus Powerbreather that has been continuously further optimized in cooperation with famous athletes, AMEO gives swimmers of ever performance class a very new feeling of freedom in the water. Long grown out of the use in cramped swimming pools, the Powerbreather is becoming more and more popular among professional swimmers – and helps them to push their limits.