AMSPORT sports nutrition
Keep your eyes on the prize!

AMSPORT products were created from Mark Warnecke’s personal aspiration to support athletes of different disciplines and with different goals. His expertise and his experience as a doctor, nutritional expert and successful competitive athlete contribute to every single AMSPORT product.

At the age of 35 years, Mark Warnecke became World Champion and – on his way there – he was helped by an amino acid supplement he developed himself, because he found no other sports nutrition product that lived up to his expectations. Many competitive athletes recognised the potential for success of the supplement: The AMSPORT brand was born!

Not only cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, rowers as well as players of the German soccer league and national teams of various disciplines in Germany and abroad were looking for the best products – just like you.


The recovery stage is often underestimated in sports. Provide your body with high-grade protein for best recovery!

Did you know that endurance athletes have a higher protein demand than strength athletes? Endurance athletes need about 25% more protein than strength athletes. AMSPORT High Protein delivers a high-quality protein combination.

Are you looking for products that are made from athletes for athletes? AMSPORT develops them for you! AMSPORT does not use free fructose for their products, as there are many people who suffer from a fructose intolerance without knowing it. The gels can be consumed without extra liquid and contain added amino acids.