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BASIL is a manufacturer of functional and high-quality bike bags, bike baskets and diverse accessories, e.g. saddle covers, handlebar adapters, hand warmers, bike bells and a lot more. The BASIL company was founded at the end of the year 1970 in the Netherlands and since then has developed and produced a multitude of bags, which are used for bike tours and excursions. BASIL offers diverse bike bag models for women, men and children. These bags are functional and feature a high-quality finish. For maximum safety in road traffic, the manufacturer provides thought-out bike bags, office bags and bike bag systems with side pockets, inside pockets, reflective strips, fixing hooks, bottle straps and carrying handles. Practical double bags are ideal for long and comfortable bike travels. The BASIL company attaches great importance to design so that bags and bike accessories are often produced with new looks and patterns. BASIL offers bags and transport systems, which can be used both by men and women for their shopping.

Shopping bike bags BASIL, daily companions for shopping with the bike
BASIL offers bags and bag systems that are suitable both for daily shopping in the city and for short errands you do with the bike. These products stand out for their functionality and their sturdiness. 
The manufacturer from the Netherlands produces women’s shopper bags that offer a high volume and can be fixed securely at a touring bike or a city bike. These bags allow you to take your purchases home dry and safe, despite bad weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail or snow. That’s because BASIL’s high-quality bike accessories are made of water-repellent polyester material, which has proven to withstand any weather condition on bike tours. 
BASIL’s women’s panniers have a similar shape and design as handbags, yet they also have all the practical functions and features of women’s shopper bags. For women to cut a fine figure in the city, too.
Spacious front pockets, comfortable shoulder straps, as well as reflective strips on both sides are also standard features.  

Ready for every tour with BASIL bike bags
The robust material of BASIL products withstands heavy shocks and impacts during bike tours. This is true for panniers, handlebar bags and for the spacious bike double bags, too. The bike bag systems of the Dutch manufacturer BASIL are water-repellent and thus also durable. Some bags come with additional rain covers.