Bell cycle helmets: for a safe ride


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With the manufacture of bicycle helmets, the Californian company BELL offers cyclists a valuable protection and a reliable companion with regard to safety on the road, in the forest and on rough terrain. In doing so, the brand BELL relies on its many years of experience which the company constantly incorporates into the production of the helmets. What began as a one-man operation in a small company for car parts in the early 50s has become one of the market leaders in the sports equipment sector. For almost 50 years, participants in car and motorcycle races as well as pro cyclists have trusted in the quality of BELL helmets. The first cycle helmet was already marketed in 1975. The objective in the development of cycle helmets has always been to provide cyclists perfect protection. 

BELL cycle helmets – for young and old 
The manufacturer of bicycle helmets produces hard and padded protective hats in numerous different styles and for different requirements – so the company offers an optimal level of safety for many cycling disciplines. Thus the company BELL has a big responsibility in every situation and develops sports helmets for mountain bikers as well as helmets for BMX. For fast cycling athletes, too, BELL produces road bike helmets that stand out for their safety and technology. For off-road use and for freeride and downhill sports, BELL offers full face helmets. For young cyclists, there are also helmets that are especially adapted to the head shape and requirements of kids. 

BELL head protection for cyclists 
Whether for the private or professional high-performance sector: The BELL company supplies bike helmets with state-of-the-art technologies. With almost 40 years of experience, BELL incorporates its know-how and competence into the production of bicycle helmets. The ventilation slots always offer helmet wearers great air circulation. The inner skeletons are practically designed and secured, and offer good all-around protection for all cyclists. A further advantage is the light weight of the helmets, as well as their appealing design.