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The company Blackroll was founded in 2007 and has soon established its reputation with excellent healthcare and massage products. At the beginning, the manufacturer focused on the Blackroll fascia releazer as a main product, however, the product range has been expanded by numerous other little helpers since then.

Fascia massage rolls allow you to massage yourself and thus improve your flexibility, mobility and strength by supporting a previously neglected tissue region: the fasciae. Blackroll products activate and relax this muscle tissue – and thanks to different degrees of hardness, the roll is suitable for athletes of all performance levels as well as for manual therapy. Blackroll products are the ideal complement to traditional treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, medical gymnastics/massages, Rolfing and osteopathy.  

Blackroll is based on the principle of “Self Myofascial Release” (self massage) that is also often referred to as SMR. It describes an effective massage technique to loosen muscle and fascial adhesions.
Blackroll attaches a high importance to the durability and quality of their products that are all made in Germany while being 100% recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. They are odourless, water-resistant, insensitive to oils and easy to clean.