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BORN: a good choice for active cyclists
BORN care products support the physical well-being before and after cycling

The Dutch BORN Sportscare BV company has developed sports nutrition and sports care products since 1985, e.g. activating creams as well as diverse sports and muscle oils. Especially in cycling sports BORN products are highly popular, because their body care products were developed for use before, during and after strenuous bike tours. In this way, professional cyclists and ambitious hobby cyclists, who strain their body, can especially treat single body zones and all muscles to ensure regeneration. Because one thing is clear: When you have been sitting upright or with a bent back for long periods of time, you need to recover after a high-intensity workout. At the same time it is important to keep all body zones – arms, hands, legs, back, neck and feet – supple, so that you can stay flexible in the saddle when cycling. Moreover, your muscles should be soft, so that you can deliver your best performance. BORN offers different products for cyclists. Carefully dosed body care products, which are applied at different points of time, provide recovery, regeneration and suppleness, which you require during workouts on the bike and to cure tensed muscles. 

To prepare for the tour
In order to prepare for long distances, it makes sense to apply the right creams or salves on all strained parts of the body, to protect them and keep them supple for a longer time. BORN also offers warming-up products to cyclists, which make sure the body does not cool down during cycling. There are even products available for situations in which a shower is not available after training or competitions: The manufacturer also has body care products in its product range that provide quick refreshing and a clean feeling on the go. 
Powder, creams and oils for regeneration after cycling races
In cycling sports, there are different phases with various levels of strain. The preparation, the race and relaxation after the workout. For all phases there are BORN products available, which come as creams, oils or lotions. The manufacturer’s product range includes care products, as well as cleaning and wellness products for the trained athletic body of a cyclist. Body care plays an important role when it comes to the question of how successful you are as a cyclist. Therefore, relaxing and wellness products, as well as powder, belong to the products offered by BORN. A pleasant feeling on the bike and during the massage afterwards is important to deliver top performances.