hot Gravity parts for high-flyers

Dartmoor is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality mountain bike frames and components for especially tough conditions. In the Gravity discipline of mountain biking – including Dirt Jump, Slopestyle, Freeride and Downhill – it’s all about adrenaline, bike control and last but not least fun.

The lightweight and straight Dartmoor parts combine robustness with style and thus reflect two main aspects of the Gravity disciplines, where it’s all about mastering jumps and obstacles in an elegant and technically demanding way. All components of the Polish company are available in a wide range of anodized colours so that you can customize your bike down to the last detail.

Among the most important components for Dirt Jump and Downhill are the pedals. They have to ensure safe grip in very difficult situations and absorb almost the entire weight of the rider when doing jumps.

All other Dartmoor parts are also well designed with an astounding eye for detail. The knowledge about the requirements of Gravity athletes didn’t come out of the blue: Dartmoor works closely together with the athletes sponsored. As a quite young company that was born out of the Dirt Jump scene, the deeply rooted relations to the scene are an important part of the company concept.