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Genuine Innovations
CO² pumps for fast, easy and controlled inflation

Genuine Innovations is a Californian company, which has specialised in developing CO2 pumps since 1989. Genuine Innovations, whose founders belong to the pioneers of the CO2 pump, offer a large spectrum of products. Besides cartridges, the product range of GI also includes CO2 pumps.

Genuine Innovations: CO2 cartridges and CO2 feeders 
Since the market launch, GI has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in terms of high-pressure valve technology. Safety, user-friendliness and reliability of the bike components are the most important aspects taken into consideration by Genuine Innovations. 

The CO2 for the cartridges is taken from the atmosphere and not produced specifically. This saves the environment and shows that environment protection and responsibility are a matter of course at Genuine Innovations.