Ride safely with NIKE training and competition sports glasses

In cycle racing, a precise vision and a high-quality equipment can decide between victory and defeat. That’s why sports glasses for cyclists and mountain bikers should not fit too tightly to leave space for ventilation. Adjustable legs and a perfect strength-to-weight ratio also contribute to the comfort of perfect cycling glasses.

NIKE: Functional cycling glasses
That’s why NIKE develops sports glasses that fully meet the requirements for cycling. The different NIKE training and competition sunglasses feature e.g. a significantly wider field of view, adjustable and ventilated nose bridges, anti-fog properties and a perfect fit. NIKE sports glasses stand out for their protection, comfort, adjustability, ventilation, fit and stability. Besides, the appropriate lens technology is a decisive aspect, which is why there are different replacement lenses for different light conditions. In this way, NIKE glasses help e.g. to brighten the surroundings and to enhance contrast in bad light conditions, to dim bright light reflections on the street, to dim glare caused by snow, water or other reflective surfaces and much more.