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Speedplay pedals
Products in the field of competitive cycling with aerodynamic qualities

Speedplay is a company from California that, since the early 1990s, has specialised in the production of essential items in the field of cycling: The pedals, shape, workmanship, functionality and quality of the cycling pedals have a strong influence on the amount of force and control that can be exerted when travelling on the track. In the case of pedals, usability as well as the technical requirements is of key importance. Then, bicycle pedals are especially advantageous when getting on and off is based on a simple technique and compelling technology.

Flat, light, fast: Road bike pedals, pedal plates and accessories from Speedplay  
From the American specialist, there is a whole range of products which improves performance on the race track. The manufacturer’s range includes cleats, adapter caps and various models of Speedplay pedals as well as protective caps which sit securely and do not slip. Speedplay pedals have a low weight and are produced with a flat construction height. Feet can get into the pedals on both sides. The pedal specialists from San Diego have developed products for professionals who want to exert secure force on the race track, pedalling when standing or during mountain sprints. An optional adapter plate allows for professional cycling even with normal shoes.