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Like clockwork – cycling shoes from Switzerland
In 2007, Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer founded the brand suplest in Berne, Switzerland. Both of them are passionate cyclists and indulge in their passion for cycling and shoes on the road as well as on the trail. “Shoes made by bikers” is their motto and this is why they produce their cycling shoes according to the following three principles: premiumness, swissness and impressive simplicity.
Switzerland has always been known for quality – no matter if you think of the cheese, chocolate, medicine or technology industry. In order to meet the above-mentioned principles, suplest works hard every day to make sure Switzerland will become a synonym for high-quality cycling shoes at that.

Premium shoes for bike enthusiasts
suplest doesn’t like the mainstream – here, each shoe model is consciously planned and developed in detail. The premium brand doesn’t want to follow any trends, but to use only the best materials, create the perfect cuts and produce the best shoes. suplest stands out from other brands and wants to set new standards. One principle apart from the premium quality of the shoes is the simplicity of design and functionality. Nobody likes complicated handling – that’s why suplest shoes are intentionally reduced to the most important functions and topped off with beautiful details.

Road bike shoes and MTB shoes
The name suplest consists of two components: The French word “souplesse”, an extremely efficient way of training with short, fast pedalling movements and the English word “supple”. Thus, the cycling shoe range of suplest offers a balanced mix of high-quality materials, functional soles for even better power transfer and high comfort for best performance on the bike.
The range of the Swiss brand includes lightweight and perfectly fitting road and mountain bike shoes for perfect power transfer. A distinction is made between the Road Series for road cycling, the Cross Country Series for trail riding and the Offroad Series with SUPtraction sole for touring and mountain biking.