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Kona. Hawaii. 1983. The history of ZOOT begins in the direct environment of the IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship. With the objective of developing innovative and fabulously designed wetsuits, shoes, tri tops, shorts, suits and backpacks for boys and girls who want to show their full potential. The former founder and present-day artist, Christal Nylin, considered the details at that time and designed shorts with integrated pads and two-part race-suits for the Ironman Elite. In coloured Lycra of course. 

The keyword is clever, multisport, functional clothing 
So that you, as a triathlete, can fully concentrate on the track: The ZOOT tri tops offer a smooth fit, lots of air circulation through integrated mesh inserts as well as back pockets to stow away nutrition bars. Very important as well: ZOOT sportswear protects you against dangerous ultraviolet rays when you running in intense sunlight. High-quality material from Italy optimises the moisture management of the functional clothing in a pleasant way. And the shorts all come with seat pad – in this way, you can put all your power onto the pedals while sitting ergonomically on the saddle. 

Many functions and thought-out designs for your very personal triathlon target 
It is not just jackets and trousers which you wear in training or competition. ZOOT produces equipment for ambitious athletes and the integrated details of the functional clothing are based exactly on their experience. Thus you can fully concentrate on your objective at all times when riding the bike, when running and when swimming - only your competitors are distracted. From the eye-catching design of ZOOT sportswear.