Bora WTO 60 Carbon Disc Brake 28"/700C Front Wheel

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Bora WTO 60 Carbon Disc Brake 28"/700C Front Wheel


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Colour: carbon


Uncompromisingly trimmed for victory – the Bora WTO 60 Carbon Disc Brake front wheel stands out with fantastic performance in circuit races, time trials and triathlons!

The Bora wheel series has been the aerodynamic ultimate by Campagnolo since 1998! If the abbreviation WTO is added, we are talking about the current top wheels of the Bora Line by the traditional Italian company. This is also true for the Bora WTO 60 Carbon Disc Brake front wheel for modern and powerful disc brakes.

WTO stands for "Wind Tunnel Optimised" and thus for the aerodynamic optimisation of the system wheel in various conditions in the wind tunnel. The engineers at Campagnolo paid particular attention to the practicability of their development – after all, in real life the wind doesn't always come from the front, but also from all sides.
The end result is the high-end WTO carbon rim with unidirectional fibre structure that not only convinces with outstanding ride qualities, but is even capable of generating negative air resistance in certain conditions! According to Campagnolo, when the wind hits the 60 mm deep rim profile of the Bora WTO 60 at an angle between 10° and 20°, you are even propelled by your wheel as if by a small sail.


• The 60 mm deep WTO rim design is optimised for use with 23, 25 and 28 mm wide tyres and allows for tremendous aerodynamic efficiency. According to Campagnolo, if the wind hits the rim at an angle between 10° and 20°, the wheel is even propelled by it!
• The slim design of the hub in the centre section reduces the front side of the component and the design of the hub flange is particularly streamlined.
• The elliptical cross section of the 24 spokes further reduces rolling resistance.
• Bora WTO 60 Carbon wheels are hand-assembled by experienced Campagnolo wheel builders and checked using electronic instruments. This process ensures maximum performance and reliability for every single wheel.
• The high-quality and proven USB™ ceramic cone bearing system allows for adjusting the bearing play and offers maximum functional precision, outstanding smooth running and high durability.


• 2-WAY FIT™:
Campagnolo's 2-WAY FIT™ rim profile guarantees total compatibility with clincher and folding tyres as well as tubeless tyres.
Campagnolo's G3 spoke configuration consists of groups of three parallel straight head spokes arranged in a 2:1 ratio. By doubling the number of spokes on one side, wheels with the G3 technology can counteract the asymmetry of the drive system and the braking forces acting on it. The power transfer and lateral stiffness are improved and spoke tension is optimised, which leads to reduced stress and increased durability.
With Campagnolo's USB™ ceramic bearings, all your power will be transferred onto the road. Perfectly smooth surfaces and extremely low friction within the hub bearing reduce energy loss to a minimum.

Technical details:

• Rim material: carbon
• Rim type: clincher
• Brake type: disc brake
• Size: 28" / 700C
• ETRTO: 622 - 19
• Rim depth: 60 mm
• Rim width: 26.1 mm
• Inner rim width: 19 mm
• For Presta valve (Ø 6.5 mm)
• Tubeless ready
• Recommended tyre width: 23 – 50 mm (optimised for 23, 25 and 28 mm)

• Spoke type front wheel: stainless steel spokes with aero-elliptical cross section
• Number of spokes: 24 pcs
• Spoke pattern: G3™ geometry (grouped)

Front hub:
• For disc brakes
• CenterLock brake rotor mount
• Aluminium hub body, aluminium axle
• USB™ cone bearings (ceramic)

• Front wheel: 12 x 100 mm (thru axle)

• Weight: approx. 650 g
• Max. rider’s weight: 109 kg (rider only)*
• Max. system weight: 120 kg (cyclist, bike, gear and luggage)
If the rider weighs more than 82 kg, Campagnolo may recommend shorter inspection intervals to check the spoke tension.

In the box:
• 1 Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Carbon Disc Brake front wheel
• 1 tubeless valve (44 mm)
• 1 valve extension (40 mm)

Freehub body:
Material: carbon:
Tubeless ready:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
12 x 100 mm
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