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MTB Jackets for Downhill, Enduro, Trail Riding and More

Time to get on your MTB and shred the trail. Those who know how mountain bikers look like after a tour know how important a proper cycling jacket is. A jacket protects you from wheel spray and cold draughts and keeps you pleasantly warm while riding. Depending on your needs, you can choose between lightweight softshell jackets for in-between seasons or cold summer evenings, lightweight rain jackets and wind- and waterproof thermal jackets for winter! No matter if you prefer trail riding, touring, all mountain or downhill riding – we offer the right jacket for every MTB enthusiast!

We stock a huge range of MTB jackets for women and men in all common sizes, price ranges and colours – ranging from classic black through to stylish colours of the season – by well-known brands like ENDURA, GORE WEAR, FOX, ION, VAUDE and ROSE. Thus, you are perfectly equipped for your next adventure!

Which MTB jacket is the right one?

The choice of mountain bike jackets is huge. They are either close-fitting or rather loose-fitting, wind-resistant or windproof, water-resistant or waterproof, lightweight and especially breathable or warm and insulated. This buyer's guide helps you find the right MTB jacket for your needs.

Windproof MTB jackets – Well protected from draughts

A basic distinction is made between windproof and wind-resistant MTB jackets. The windproof membrane of a cycling jacket reduces wind chill. With increasing wind speed, this effect makes the air temperature feel colder than it actually is. An air temperature of 5°C for instance may feel like -18°C for the body at moderate wind speeds. A membrane that stops draught from passing through eliminates this effect and protects you from wind chill. Some popular windproof membranes are GORE WINDSTOPPER membranes and WINDPROOF membranes by VAUDE.

Alternatively, there are mountain bike jackets with a wind-resistant membrane or with wind-resistant fabric. Even though these jackets cannot completely stop the wind from passing through, they provide light protection from draughts and cold weather. That's why they are primarily suitable for days with no wind or a slight breeze.

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Water-resistant and waterproof MTB jackets – Perfect for rainy weather

If you like riding your bike in rainy weather and never ride around puddles, you should go for a water-protected MTB jacket. Here, we distinguish between mountain bike jackets with a water-resistant surface treatment and rain jackets with a waterproof membrane. While a water-resistant coating stops light rain and wheel spray from passing through the material, a waterproof membrane even withstands heavy rain showers. Besides, it's important to choose a rain jacket with taped or welded seams, so that rainwater can neither get through the material nor through the seams. When riding in heavy rain, you should definitely wear a waterproof cycling jacket for sufficient weather protection. Some widely known waterproof membranes are GORE-TEX, VAUDE CEPLEX, VAUDE SYMPATEX or JACK WOLFSKIN TEXAPORE.

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MTB softshell jackets – The best of both worlds

Softshell jackets have become a popular sight in sport and everyday life, which is particularly thanks to their versatility. After all, MTB softshell jackets are not only windproof and water-resistant, but also very elastic and pleasantly soft. Thus, they are a good choice when requiring slightly more insulation and light weather protection.

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MTB winter jackets – Ready for the cold season

If you don't want to do without mountain biking in winter, we offer you a choice of thermal jackets providing sufficient insulation and keeping you warm in autumn and winter. These MTB winter jackets feature, for instance, a soft and warm fleece lining or a PRIMALOFT filling that can stop cold air from passing through. Thus, you are perfectly protected in low temperatures.

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Additional features for your MTB jacket

Lowered tail - most mountain bike jackets come with a dropped tail. In this way, they protect you from draughts and wheel spray in the hunched-over cycling position.

Hood - Rain won't stop you from riding? Then it's worth buying an MTB rain jacket with hood. Some manufacturers even produce jackets with (detachable) hoods that can be pulled over the bike helmet. Thus, nothing will rain on your parade.

Convertible jackets - The weather forecast is vague, and you don't know whether you should wear a jacket or a gilet? Our zip-off jackets will be the perfect choice for you. They come with a zip on the upper sleeves to zip the sleeves off. This allows you to quickly convert your jacket into a gilet. Alternatively, we stock zip-off jackets that can be turned into a jersey with a flick of the wrist. In this way, you are perfectly prepared for any weather and temperature.

Packable jackets - It's warm but the weather forecast predicts rain or wind? How about a rain jacket or windbreaker for use in case of emergency? Many mountain bike jackets are highly packable and especially lightweight. Therefore, they easily fold into your jersey pocket or saddle bag to be ready at hand when you are in need.

Pit-zips - If you want even more breathability to speed across the trail at full speed, we recommend choosing a jacket with zips under the armpits. This allows you to increase ventilation on exhausting sections.

Backpack compatibility - Heavily loaded backpacks can be hard on cycling jackets with membrane. Due to increased friction, water can penetrate the material more easily, which results in increased wear. Therefore, some manufacturers have reinforced their MTB jackets on the shoulders. Thus, you don't have to do without a backpack on your next MTB tour.

With these helpful tips you are sure to find the right mountain bike jacket. Our experts will be happy to help you, if you are not sure which jacket is right for you and your intended use. We stock a wide range of MTB jackets for women and men in all common sizes, price ranges and colours – ranging from classic black through to stylish colours – by well-known brands like ENDURA, GORE WEAR, FOX, ION, VAUDE, assos, CASTELLI and ROSE. Thus, you are perfectly equipped for your next adventure!/p>