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    Bobby Root


    The rider


    Bobby is one of the most enigmatic figures on the freeride scene. He made his name as a team rider for Kona and Cannondale. Bobby set the current world records for speed wheelies on the front wheel (90.7 km/h) and on the back wheel (138.6 km/h) in breathtaking world record attempts. He also reached around 120 km/h - the highest speed ever pedalled on a road bike. These records earned him three places in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    In the last years, we have organised several Soulriding workshops with Bobby Root (for more information, please click here). In these workshops, Bobby teaches tips and tricks to the participants, for example in Willingen.
    "A truly unforgettable, eventful MTB weekend, very spontaneous, comradely and intensive!" says Helmut Schneider, one of the first workshop participants.
    There will be more workshops with Bobby Root this year. Prebook a Soulriding workshop under


    Name:                                   Bobby Root
    Nationality:                          American
    Place of birth:                     Indio, California
    Date of birth:                       20.09.1974
    Hobbies:                               martial arts, guitar playing, freediving
    His motto:                            Live for the moment!
    He likes:                               trick "superman seat grap"
    He doesn´t like:                  too little action
    Plans for the future:          breaking all his 3 personal world records
    Biggest successes:          world record speed wheelie front and rear wheel,
                                                   highest speed ever pedaled by a racing cyclist
    Sponsors:                            Rose, Continental, DT Swiss, iXS, Magura 

    Freeride 03/09
    Bobby Root appeared altogether 4 times in Freeride! Read more here.


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