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    How to find the right size


    When buying a new bike, it is particularly important to determine the right frame size. The most common mistake people make when determining their frame size is to incorrectly measure their inside leg length (standover). Apart from the body height, the inside leg length is the most crucial factor to determine the frame size. However, as those measurements are used for frame size calculation, measuring inaccuracies between 2-3 centimetres can already result in a wrong frame size. In the following, we will give you some tips on how to measure correctly.

    How to properly measure your inside leg:
     Use the right tools. A spirit level or a stick are perfect.

     Make sure to wear cycling clothes when taking the measurements. TIP: Do not take the measurements yourself. Ask a friend to determine your measurements.

     Keep the spirit level or stick horizontal when pressing it firmly against your crotch. It is important to measure from the very top. TIP: Pull up the spirit level or stick to simulate pressure from sitting on a saddle..

     To determine your shoulder width, lean against a door frame and ask someone to measure your shoulder width.

     These measurements will help us determine the right bike size. Simply enter the values into our frame size calculator.


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