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    How to measure / bike sizes


    It may sound strange to you, but most mistakes when determining the frame height of a bicycle happen while measuring the inseam (inner leg length). The inseam is next to the body height the most important factor for calculating the frame height. However, due to the fact that it is only a calculating factor, measuring inaccuracies of 2 - 3 centimetres may already lead to the wrong frame height. 

    How to measure:
    1. Organise the right measuring equipment. Ideal is a rule and a spirit level. If you do not have a spirit level at hand, you can use a book or our catalogue.

    2. Please carry out the measurement in bike clothing or in underwear, so that the measures will be exact.
    Our tip: do not measure yourself, ask somebody to help you!

    3. For determining the inseam, please hold the spirit level or the book/catalogue exactly horizontally in the crotch. You should really measure up to top.
    Our tip: please pay attention to the pressure of the spirit level (book/catalogue), it has to be the same as the saddle pressure.

    4. That was it! You have now determined your inseam.

    Please enter your measured inseam in the frame size calculator, in order to calculate your individual frame size with the function "calculate frame size".


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