Forerunner 945 GPS Multisport Watch Triathlon Bundle

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Forerunner 945 GPS Multisport Watch Triathlon Bundle


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Garmin has revised the Forerunner 935 smartwatch and developed the Forerunner 945 smartwatch to be the new flagship for their own multisport and triathlon watches. Designed for those who want to use the best electronic monitoring tool available when preparing for their next competition.
The high-quality tri bundle leaves nothing to be desired in terms of accessories. Here, the Garmin Forerunner 945 comes with an additional black silicone wristband, the two premium heart rate chest straps HRM-Tri™ (prod. code 2173717) and HRM-Swim™ (prod. code: 2173735) as well as a multisport quick-change bracket for quickly switching from wrist to bike in the transition zone.

The sporty GPS smartwatch with Garmin Elevate™ technology for wrist-based heart rate measurement stands out for detailed performance analyses e.g. during running, cycling and swimming. These include diverse running efficiency values, VO2max calculation while considering altitude and temperature as well as a PulseOX sensor to measure the oxygen saturation in your blood. It will determine your training status and training load as well as the aerobic and anaerobic training effect. The Garmin Body Battery™ function analyses your personal fitness.
A reliable stroke type detection and swim efficiency analysis (SWOLF) together with the heart rate measurement under water (HRM-Tri™ or HRM-Swim™ chest strap required) guarantees outstanding training results in the wet element as well.
Of course, the Forerunner 945 is also compatible with diverse ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, such as e.g. heart rate, cadence, speed and performance monitors.
Even experienced runners often need support for achieving their goals. That’s why, the powerful training partner on your forearm is compatible with free Garmin Coach™ training plans via Garmin Connect™. These plans can be directly synchronised with the watch and offer instructions from experienced trainers who adapt to you and your aims. As part of the training plan, you can even create a competition prognosis.

The sporty and lightweight GPS heart rate watch is a practical 24/7 fitness tracker, which converts your daily activities in a number of steps and calories burned. Moreover, it monitors the quality of your sleep incl. REM phases and will thus be a great help in stressful everyday life. What’s more, the Garmin Forerunner 945 comes with extensive navigation features with a detailed and coloured map view. The integrated TopoActive map material of Europe in combination with Trendline™ Popularity Routing ensures that you will get to know the most popular routes of your region. Thanks to being compatible with American GPS, Russian GLONASS and European Galileo satellites, the FR 945 guarantees reliable location even in difficult conditions.

The Forerunner allows you to take your favourite music with you during your training units as you can store up to 1,000 songs right on your watch. This will help you find a rhythm when you’re on the run, listening to your music through components enabled with Bluetooth technology, such as headphones, speakers or a compatible car radio. Sync your carefully crafted playlists from select premium streaming services such as Deezer and Spotify® and more for ad-free listening. For your evening training run with music, you can thus leave your smartphone at home where it is safe. However, once paired with your smartphone, you will be able to receive Smart Notifications about calls, text messages, e-mails or social media updates right on your wrist.

Integrated safety and tracking features make it easy to share your location with chosen contacts in case you need assistance. This is done either manually or automatically with built-in incident detection. Moreover, the high-end smartwatch features Garmin Pay™, which lets you pay for purchases with your watch.

On the free Garmin Connect™ online community, you can not only store and analyse your training data, but also get in contact with other members and compete in challenges. This stimulates and motivates. You can easily share your success with friends via other social media. Garmin Connect™ is available online and on your smartphone with the Garmin Connect™ mobile app. Customise your Forerunner 945 with downloadable apps, widgets, display designs and a lot more in the Garmin Connect IQ™ shop, which is also free.

Specially for ambitious female athletes, the Forerunner 945 can be used as a reliable menstrual cycle tracker in combination with Garmin Connect™ and the Garmin Connect IQ™ app. This will help you get a better understanding of your body through tracking your cycle, logging physical and emotional symptoms and recording personal notes. Moreover, you will receive information information regarding training and nutrition during each phase of your current cycle. The Connect IQ™ app sends current cycle information to your wearable, including period reminders, cycle details and symptoms logged for the day.


• Heart rate measurement on the wrist (Garmin Elevate™ technology)
• Body Battery™ energy monitor: Determination of your personal energy level, amongst other things based on your heart rate variability, your stress level or your sleep quality
• Pulse oximeter acclimation to measure your blood oxygen level for extended sleep monitoring and altitude and heat acclimation
• Direct access to important statistics via the Performance Widget showing your training benefit and progress
• Automatic emergency message during certain activities (when paired with a smartphone)
• Routing-capable outdoor and cycling map TopoActive Europe preloaded in colour
• Trendline™ Popularity Routing: Creates routes based on the most popular tracks from Garmin Connect™
• Around Me feature allows precise searching of points of interest, waypoints or more destination in selected map area
• Roundtrip Routing: plan a round trip as long as you like for your running or cycling tour
• Different sensors, e.g. GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite reception, barometric altimeter, 3-axle compass with gyroscope
• Extended golfing features incl. the display of approx. 41,000 international golf courses

Basic Features:

• Preloaded activity profiles for your sports activities and leisure time
• Smart Notifications: notifications on incoming calls, text messages and emails (when paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth)
• Switch between bright and inverse dark display
• Backlight for the night
• Pace alert, time alert, distance alert, lap alerts and vibration alert
• Music features (smartphone control and internal music storage)
• Find my Phone feature
• Integrated accelerometer
• Electronic compass
• Gyroscope
• Barometric altimeter
• Thermometer
• Remote control of optionally available Garmin VIRB action camera
• Watch (12- or 24-hour format)
• Calendar (day/date)
• Daily alarm clock function
• Stop watch, timer
• Route navigation (track and waypoint navigation; including TracBack function)
• Display of Points of Interest (also customised)
• Graphical track display on map material
• Various different sports profiles: Alpine skiing, snowboarding, triathlon, hiking, running, cycling, swimming and indoor training
• Auto page turner
• Weather alert (display of weather changes via the barometer)
• Sync music from Deezer and Spotify® (possibly requires a fee-based subscription)
• Garmin Pay™ ready – supports contactless NFC payments (more information as well as participating banks at )

Running features:

• Speed
• Average speed
• Distance
• Lap distance
• Pace
• Average pace
• Lap pace etc.
• Running/walking mode
• VO2max calculation (for more accuracy the optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap is recommended)
• Recovery advisor (for more accuracy the optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap is recommended)
• Recovery check (checks the actual recovery status within the first minutes after running; for more accuracy the optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap is recommended)
• Competition prediction, running time prognosis (for more accuracy the optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap is recommended)
• Running efficiency values: cadence per minute, ground contact time, vertical movement of torso, stride length (requires the optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap)
• Virtual Pacer (compares current pace with target pace)
• Accelerometer (calculates distance for indoor workouts, without need for a running sensor)
• Personal records

Cycling features:

• Several bike profiles
• Bike-specific VO2max calculation (requires optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap as well as a compatible ANT+ power meter)
• Barometric altimeter (performance prediction through altitude information such as gradient and vertical speed)
• Power measurement with the optional watt measurement system Garmin Vector 3 (prod. code 2263927) or Vector 3S (prod. code 2263928) or ANT+/Bluetooth-Smart enabled devices of third party providers
• Speed (for more accuracy the optional speed sensor (prod. code 2292480) is recommended und cadence (requires the optional cadence sensor (prod. code 2292703)

Running and cycling features:

• Current heart rate and heart rate zone
• Virtual Partner (compete against a virtual person)
• Virtual Racer (compete against other activities)
• Auto Pause (stop watch automatically stops, for example when you stop at traffic lights)
• Auto Lap (automatically starts a new lap)
• Multisport and automatic multisport (switch between the sport modes by pushing a button)
• Extended training (create your own, target-oriented training units, determination of lactate threshold)
• Strava Integration: Strava Live segments are supported and shown in their own data fields
• Pace alert (an alert is triggered when deviating from preset pace)
• Interval training
• Heart rate based calory calculation (for more accuracy the optional HRM-Run or Tri heart rate chest strap is recommended)
• Calculation of calories burned
• Training Effect (effect of an activity on aerobic & anerobic fitness)

Indoor swimming features:

• Stroke type detection
• Swim lane detection
• Pace
• Distance
• Time
• Number of strokes per lane
• Stroke rate
• Swim efficiency (SWOLF)
• Stroke identification
• Calories burned (requires using the HRM-Tri or HRM-Swim heart rate chest strap)
• Heart rate measurement under water (requires using the HRM-Tri or HRM-Swim heart rate chest strap)

Open water swimming features:

• Stroke type detection
• Pace
• Distance
• Time
• Stroke count
• Stroke distance
• Stroke rate
• Swim efficiency (SWOLF)
• Calories burned (requires using the HRM-Tri or HRM-Swim heart rate chest strap)
• Heart rate measurement under water (requires using the HRM-Tri or HRM-Swim heart rate chest strap)
• Track recording

Activity Tracker features:

• Step counter
• Calories burned
• Sleep monitoring (monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep)
• Inactivity bar
• Automatic goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily goal)
• Floors climbed
• Distance travelled
• Intensity minutes
• Move IQ™: automatic activity detection
• TrueUp™: Grand value of all wearables (via Garmin Connect™)
• Fitness age (in app)

Golfing features:

• Shot distance measurement (calculates exact distance for shots from anywhere on the course)
• Yardage to front, middle and back of green
• Yardage to layups/doglegs
• Digital scorecard
• Garmin AutoShot™: Measures the shot distance and records shots automatically so that you can analyse them in your Garmin Connect™ account afterwards.
• Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hit)
• Green view with manual pin position
• Hazards and course targets
• PinPointer
• Round timer/odometer

Garmin Connect™ features:

• Synchronisation (transmission of training units) via Bluetooth Smart via smartphone or via cable with your PC/Mac
• Save, analyse, plan and share activities in social networks
• Live Tracking feature: show your friends and family your position in real time
• Grouptrack: track current position of your group members during your activity
• Upload training data
• Training plans:
• Map view
• Daily overview
• Diagram overviews
• Online challenges
• Comment the activities of other users

• Smartphone compatibility of the Garmin Connect™ app (system requirements):

Garmin Connect IQ™ features:

• Create individual display designs, integration of smartphone photos as display background
• Download apps and widgets for additional features
• Customise data fields


• Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensors
• Interfaces: ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, WLAN
• Lithium-ion battery
• Battery life: up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode without music, up to 36 hours in GPS mode, up to 10 hours in GPS mode with music
• Display size: 1.2" (30.4 mm)
• Transflective MIP colour display (memory-in-pixel)
• Can be read easily in sunlight
• Resolution: 240 pixels (diameter)
• Five buttons for operation
• Water rating: 5 ATM (for swimming and taking a shower)
• Lens material: Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX
• Dimensions: approx. 47 x 47 x 13,7 cm
• Strap material: silicone (22 mm wide; Quick-Fit system for fast, tool-free exchange)
• For a wrist circumference of 130 to 220 mm
• Memory/History: 200 hours of activity data
• Music storage: up to 1,000 songs
• Weight: approx. 50 g

Optional accessories:

• Speed and cadence sensor 2 (prod. code 2290558)
• Running Dynamics Pod running sensor (prod. code 2260993)
• Varia TL 301 rear light (prod. code: 2155623)
• Varia RTL 511 Radar rear light (prod. code: 2275944)
• Varia lighting set HL 501 / TL 301 (prod. code: 2155632)
• Vector 3/3S pedal-based power meters (prod. code: 2263927 and 2263928)

In the box:
• Garmin Forerunner 945 GPS multisport watch
• 1 additional Quick-Fit silicone wristband (black)
• Heart rate chest strap HRM-Tri™
• Heart rate chest strap HRM-Swim™
• Quick-change kit
• Charging/data cable
• Quick start manual

USB charger not included.

Compatible with ANT+:
Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Cycling features:
Swimming features:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
Heart rate measurement with chest strap:
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Forerunner 945 GPS Multisport Watch Triathlon Bundle


Forerunner 945 GPS Multisport Watch Triathlon Bundle


Forerunner 945 GPS Multisport Watch Triathlon Bundle


Forerunner 945 GPS Multisport Watch Triathlon Bundle


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