Imagine you ride through a rain shower. Your waterproof jacket keeps you perfectly dry. The raindrops simply roll off its surface. And the best bit? After the shower, all you need to do is shake the jacket to remove every drop of water.
Do good to be true? Not with GORE® Wear! With the SHAKEDRY Technology, GORE turns this dream into reality.

What’s the trick? Conventional rain jackets come with a membrane that is sandwiched between outer and inner fabric. Yet, the outer fabric absorbs water and gets heavy and damp. Therefore, GORE® Wear gives this jacket no textile outer layer. This way, the wind- and waterproof external GORE-TEX membrane shows what it’s capable of.

If you are still unconvinced – the jacket has a couple of more great advantages: It is very lightweight, folds down to a small pack size and is particularly breathable – the perfect combination for sporty tours in unsettled weather!

For cool days, GORE® Wear has given the high-end cycling jacket a Polartec Alpha insulation and the name affix "Insulated". The lightweight, synthetic insulation impresses with effective protection from cold and high breathability. Perfect for the cold season!

Discover the selection of SHAKEDRY waterproof jackets by GORE® Wear – from a straightforward classic design, through to a reflective hi-vis version and an insulating winter jacket with Polartec wadding.