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Krampe KF Sport Foldable Bike Mirror

Product code: 229040501

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Sporty, modern and safe!
The foldable rear-view bike mirror KF Sport by Krampe is the perfect solution for all cyclists who have their difficulties with the handling of traditional mirrors in daily life but who want to have an additional safety feature.
Compared to the Krampe KF1 rear-view mirror (product code: 2290403), the KF Sport is much more dynamic. The handlebar bracket with twist mechanism is a bit smaller and thus requires less space on the bar. The arm is shorter and the mirror itself is not round but angular for sportier looks. It is designed for bikes with a straight bar and mounts to the left side.
The mirror is folded with a simple twist. Thus, it is not in the way when parking your bike in a narrow bike rack or transporting it on a car bike rack. Besides, it allows you to easily store your bike e.g. in the rear trunk of your camper van without having to remove the mirror.
When unfolded, the rear-view mirror simply returns to its previous position so that you don’t need to make any adjustments. All you need to do is to twist the mirror back up in position where it securely clicks into place.
While riding, the large convex Krampe KF Sport mirror provides a large field of vision so that you can clearly view the traffic coming up behind you – for increased road safety,

• Easy to fold
• The mirror returns to the previously set position – no more adjustments!
• Easy and quick installation with one tool only (2.5 mm hex wrench, NOT included)
• Large convex mirror for a wider field of vision
• For straight handlebars (left side mounting only)
• Made in Germany

• Material: plastic, glass, steel
• For tube Ø 22.2 mm
• Mirror dimensions: approx. 12.5 mm x 80 mm (at the widest/highest point)
• Mirror shape: convex
• Length of arm: approx. 20 cm
• Adjustable thanks to ball and swivel joint
• Locking position of twist mechanism adjustable in 15° steps
• For the left side (NOT suitable for use on the right side)

In the box:
• 1x Krampe bike mirror KF Sport (foldable)

The mirror is convex and thus makes visible objects look smaller than they actually are.

NOT compatible with the adapter for Krampe’s mirror KF 1!


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KF Sport Foldable Bike Mirror

Die Spiegelhalterung ist nicht sehr vertrauenswürdig (sehr schmal) und passt nur an dünne Lenkstangen. Das ging nur mit sehr großer Anstrengung. Die Halterung am Spiegel könnte etwas stabiler sein, hier hat man Angst, dass die Schrauben zu Arretierung ausbrechen. Da die Spiegelstangeein bisschen kurz ist, muss er so weit wie möglich nach außen geschoben werden, sonst sieht man nur seinen linken Arm. Ansonsten funktioniert er sehr gut.

KF Sport Foldable Bike Mirror

gute Sicht

KF Sport Foldable Bike Mirror

der spiegel an sich ist sehr gut.aber er wurde in einer offenen originalschachtel geliefert. erstnach der ersten ausfahrt sah ich eine leichte beschädigung am glas in der äußeren ecke.ferner müsste der arm ca. 30 mm länger sein. mein haibike hat nämlich einen sehr breiten lenker.
Vielen Dank für deine Bewertung.
Es tut uns leid, dass der Fahrradspiegel nicht in einem ordnungsgemäßen Zustand bei dir ankam.
Bitte sende uns diesen einmal zur Überprüfung ein.

dein ROSE-Bikes Team