Track your training

Heart rate watches, bike computers and smartphone accessories

Heart rate watches, bike computers & smartphone accessories

A bike alone makes you move fast, but how fast? – This and a lot more is revealed by smart training devices, such as heart rate watches, bike computers and smartphone accessories. Set yourself new goals with your new, digital coaches, check out your limits and find out how your body reacts to the training.

Monitor your heart rate

For efficient bike training, you should check on your heart rate regularly. While speed depends on many different factors, such as the surface of the ground, wind, gradient or tyre pressure, measuring your heart rate is a reliable way to determine your performance.

Bike computer

No matter whether you’re riding to work, planning a day trip or simply want to document your progress – the bike computer is still one of the most important bike gadgets. With this small, digital device you will be ready for anything.

Smartphone mounts: the all-in-one system

Smartphones are extremely versatile. That’s why, they are used more and more often for navigation and training documentation while cycling, too. It is very important, however, that the device is attached firmly and securely to your bike. Our additional equipment for smartphones etc. provides extra comfort and safety during training and tours.