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    Anatol Sostmann
    Anatol Sostmann

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    Welcome to the ROSE community! You can communicate with us here, talk to other bikers and always stay up-to-date.

    00:00, 19.06.2017
    A world cup race as part of altitude training


    At the Marathon World Series in Italy, the ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS team successfully defined their position. SteffenThum (GER/32), Rémi Laffont (FRA/25) and Viviane Favery-Costa (BRA/30) all finished among the top 25 after having gained 4500 metres of altitude – during their altitude training phase.


    00:00, 16.06.2017
    The Big Bill – World Cup Round 2, Fort William, Scotland

    The metaphorical road to any race literally starts with the road. Fort William is the furthest of all the race tracks in the UK. From my house in Devon, it takes about 12 hours to get there, if there is no traffic, no road work and you do not stop for food, fuel or the toilet. I normally pass the hours on the drive by doing a little bit of revision for school, chatting about races and planning our family biking holidays to the Alps.  However, this journey was different, I have never raced World Cup before and it was all that I could think about. A mixture of excitement, fear and pressure.  The pressure being the worst of the three; the pressure to perform for my new sponsor (Rose Bikes), to match my expectations and something totally new, the pressure to perform for a large crowd. I have raced at Fort William before, but the crowd at the British Downhill series is nothing compared to a World Cup Crowd. The thought of thousands of mountain bike fans lining the track, cheering, heckling and making all sorts of noise, is very intimidating for a young rider. Blog

    test report
    00:00, 16.06.2017
    RoadBIKE - 07/2017: Test victory for the X-LITE 2 in a test of the RoadBIKE magazine

    Verdict: "The new X-Lite 2 outdoes its competitors with a low weight and professional class riding characteristics. Top components top off the best bike in test. Well done!"

    test report
    00:00, 14.06.2017
    Elessar (IT) - 06/2017: X-LITE CDX-8800 tested by "Elessar"

    “The X-LITE CDX manages to make you faster by effectively transferring the power from the pedals to the rear wheel and absorbing bumps without making you tired at all.”

    test report
    00:00, 12.06.2017 - 06/2017: X-LITE CDX-8810 tested by ""

    “This high-end model combines all features to best handle long mountain races, ... this X-LITE CDX offers excellent value for money.”

    test report
    00:00, 09.06.2017
    365mountainbike - 05/2017: ROOT MILLER 2 tested by "365mountainbike"

    “Comfort at the highest level: a bike born for adventures without the ticking of a stopwatch… that’s what mountain biking is all about.”

    test report
    00:00, 08.06.2017
    CicloTurismo - 05/2017: X-LITE CRS-4000 tested by "CicloTurismo"

    “Competitive on the road and in price. High-quality frame, high-end setup…”

    test report
    00:00, 07.06.2017
    MBAction - 05/2017: GRANITE CHIEF 2 tested by "MBAction"

    "... we can and have to say that ROSE again deserves full support demonstrating that the model in question is the most suitable for riders who want to climb up hills at a moderate pace, but who place particularly high importance on downhill performance,…”

    00:00, 06.06.2017
    Simon Gegenheimer once again on the World Cup podium


    The German rider Simon Gegenheimer (GER/28) stepped once again on the World Cup podium with a fifth-place finish at the overseas World Cup in Columbus. With that, he demonstrates his potential after a rather weak performance at the German World Cup the week before. Blog

    00:00, 23.05.2017
    Luck and bad luck at the World Cup in Nove Mesto


    Mixed feelings for the team ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS at the Cross-Country World Cup in Nove Mesto. At the beginning, Steffen Thum climbed the podium on rank 3 in the short race. On Sunday, he and his team colleague Simon Gegenheimer were stopped by a mass crash at the start. Aline Seitz suffered a tyre damage.


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