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    Anatol Sostmann
    Anatol Sostmann

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    Welcome to the ROSE community! You can communicate with us here, talk to other bikers and always stay up-to-date.

    test report
    00:00, 11.01.2017
    RoadBIKE - 02/2017: "BEST IN TEST" in RoadBIKE for the X-LITE CRS-4000 CM

    Verdict: "The superbly specced, super light Rose impresses as a thoroughbred speed machine for hard and short races. You couldn’t wish for a better road bike for less than 4000 euros. Well-deserved test victory!”

    test report
    00:00, 10.01.2017
    RoadBIKE - 02/2017: "Test victory" for the Xtreme All2gether XL tool box from the RoadBIKE

    VERDICT: "The low-priced Xtreme All2gether XL Box offers best equipment, moreover, the tools fit well in the palm of your hand. The quality leaves no reason for complaint. Even though a lot of things are superfluous: clear test victory!"

    test report
    00:00, 19.12.2016
    12/2016 - GRANITE CHIEF 2 tested by ""

    “The quality of the finish, the technical specifications, components and behaviour on the trail put this bike on a par with the most famous competitors on which, however, you will not find this level of component quality.”

    test report
    00:00, 13.12.2016
    Trekkingbike - 01/2017: "SUPER" is Trekkingbike's verdict on the ACTIVA PRO PINION

    Verdict: […]"Just as suitable for long tours with luggage as for commuting to the office - the whole year round." […]

    test report
    00:00, 28.11.2016
    Tour - 11/2016: The TEAM DX CROSS RANDONNEUR-3000 tested by Tour

    Verdict: "Almost luxuriously specced bike, elegantly integrated lighting system, ideal for commuters"

    test report
    00:00, 14.11.2016
    Bikeboard - 9/2016: XEON CW-3000 tested by Bikeboard

    „One of the first aero bikes on disc brakes. The bike quickly response, easily accelerate on high cadence thx to steep seating tube angle. (...) suprisingly pretty well dampens vibrations on rough tarmac surface."

    test report
    00:00, 03.11.2016
    Bike & Trekking - 10/2016: ROOT MILLER 3 tested by Bike & Trekking

    "The Root Miller is a bike that will never let you down. A bike which lets you ride trails safely and in a controlled manner. A bike that is one step ahead of others."

    00:00, 31.10.2016

    Fatbike – the allrounder for amazing riding fun!

    May we introduce THE TUSKER? It’s our bike of the month! This month, it’s all about the topic of fatbikes. What are these trendy bikes capable of? When should you rely on the concentrated power of a fatbike? When would a classic mountain bike be a better choice for you? Convince yourself of the versatility of these extraordinary bikes here!
    They were developed for especially demanding terrain, where a standard bike simply has to give up. A fatbike will particularly show its full potential whenever trails cannot be found anymore. This really is a true off-road monster. Whether in snow, deep mud, on a sand beach, gravel or untouched forest soil with large roots and bumps – the fatbike feels good in extreme situations. The reason for this are large-volume tyres with a big tread and a profile with extra strong grip. The traction arising from this allows for particularly good handling, agility and great braking behaviour.
    test report
    00:00, 17.10.2016
    RennRad - 11-12/2016: RennRad tests the TEAM DX CROSS-2000 MB

    Verdict: "The Rose is a high-quality all-rounder with great value for money and well-balanced riding characteristics."

    test report
    00:00, 10.10.2016
    Fiets - 10/2016: XEON CDX CROSS-4400 GRAVEL "BEST IN TEST" in the Fiets magazine

    Verdict: "The ROSE does not give in on long winding roads. The CDX is noticeably stiff."

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