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    Anatol Sostmann
    Anatol Sostmann

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    Welcome to the ROSE community! You can communicate with us here, talk to other bikers and always stay up-to-date.

    00:00, 15.02.2018
    Seitz on her way to the top

    Aline Seitz (SUI/21) wins the second Swiss elite championship title in the omnium and – with her world cup victory in Minsk in the Olympic scratch race – makes a huge leap forward to the top of the world. Blog

    test report
    00:00, 08.02.2018
    RoadBIKE - 03/2018: "VERY GOOD" for the X-LITE SIX DISC in a test of the RoadBIKE magazine

    Conclusion: "The brand-new X-Lite Six is a lightning-fast racer."

    test report
    00:00, 07.02.2018
    RoadBIKE - 03/2018: "Outstanding" for the X-LITE SIX in a test of RoadBIKE

    Conclusion: "The brand-new X-Lite Six is a lightning-fast racer."

    test report
    00:00, 06.02.2018 (IT) – 02/2018: PIKES PEAK 1 EN tested by ""

    “… the Pikes Peak is a good climber and provides a riding experience similar to that of all-mountain bikes. […] On downhill trails, the bike manages to perfectly combine agility and stability…with the latter offering top-class performance.”

    test report
    00:00, 05.02.2018 - 02/2018: BACKROAD Force tested by ""

    “The riding position is comfortable and suitable for long distances, too […]. Good climbing performance, […].”

    00:00, 29.01.2018
    Thum already back on the podium


    Steffen Thum (GER/33) and Simon Gegenheimer (GER/29) started their racing season this weekend. At the Snow Bike Festival in Switzerland, they had to complete five stages. With a second stage place, Steffen Thum shows that he is well on his way to recovery after the crash.


    test report
    00:00, 29.01.2018
    Fraktur - 11/2017: The PRO CROSS Force tested by "Fraktur"

    Verdict: "A very reliable multi-tool – not only for woodsmen! The Rose Pro Cross Force also proved to be perfect for racing through the Eifel. Here, high comfort, flawless function and reliability go hand in hand. Certainly a very good response to lousy weather – yet, riding Rose’s cyclocross bike in good weather is also huge fun!”

    press release
    14:03, 25.01.2018
    ROSE Pikes Peak wins Design & Innovation Award - Enduro bike convinces international experts after test ride
    BOCHOLT, 24 February 2018 – The enduro version of the ROSE Pikes Peak is one of eight mountain bikes that received the prestigious Design & Innovation Award 2018. In the test, the enduro bike convinced the experts with uncompromising downhill performance and an innovative progression and geometry adjustment system. With the award, the expert jury has honoured the extraordinary engineering work of the bicycle brand from Bocholt for the third time already. press release
    test report
    00:00, 09.01.2018
    Elessar (IT) - 01/2018: ROSE Pro Duo Plus pedals tested by "Elessar"

    “…smooth running bearings, platform side with elastomers, easy and fast engagement.”

    test report
    00:00, 04.01.2018
    Cycling Plus - 8/2017: The PRO CROSS 105 MB tested by Cycling Plus

    "Frame & fork feels competitive and up to date, it gives the rider confidence off-road and the Color is Amazing!"

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