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    Anatol Sostmann
    Anatol Sostmann

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    Welcome to the ROSE community! You can communicate with us here, talk to other bikers and always stay up-to-date.

    test report
    00:00, 11.08.2017
    RoadBIKE - 09/2017: XEON RS-3000 chosen "BEST IN TEST" in the RoadBIKE magazine

    Verdict: "The Xeon RS-3000 is tightly priced, the equipment is of high quality, the frame is excellently designed. Consequently, the total weight is just top for this price range! Thus, the sporty touring bike really deserves to win the test of mail-order bikes."

    test report
    00:00, 01.08.2017
    Elessar (IT) - 07/2017: ROSE Road RRS Carbon Composite shoes tested by "Elessar"

    “With a price of € 150, these shoes are the ultimate in terms of quality… rigid soles, but never uncomfortable… great ventilation… the closure allows for a perfect fit…”

    test report
    00:00, 28.07.2017
    4Granfondo (IT) - 07/2017: X-LITE CDX-8800 tested by "4Granfondo"

    “Putting this bike into a single category like marathon would not be adequate, thanks to its quality in terms of weight and performance, also during climbing. This bike marks a step forward, one of the few road disc bikes with a very light weight, …”

    test report
    00:00, 20.07.2017 (IT) - 06/2017: GRANITE CHIEF 2 tested by ""

    "The bike has been extensively updated, which further improved the already high-quality features making it perfectly suitable for all-mountain use…”

    test report
    00:00, 10.07.2017
    RennRad - 08/2017: "Value for money" winner in RennRad magazine - the XEON CW-3100

    Verdict: "The Xeon CW offers great value for money. The Rose bike not only stands out for great aerodynamics, yet also particularly for its riding qualities, first and foremost enormous agility."

    00:00, 03.07.2017
    Adoring Andorra, World Cup Round 3 – Vallnord, Andorra

    28th June – 1st July 2017

    Vallnord, is like nothing I have ridden before! It is so steep and exhausting, but non-stop fun. Other tracks you are stoked if you can go fast, Vallnord if you finish the track, you are stoked. The difficult saw many competitors injure themselves and my compatriots Meg Harris and Cain Bell take a trip to the hospital. Blog

    00:00, 27.06.2017
    German champion sprints to victory


    Simon Gegenheimer (GER/28) wins his first sprint world cup inWaregem in 2017. With the victory, the 28-year old rider of the ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS team also improves his position in the overall world ranking so that he is now in a promising third place.


    00:00, 25.06.2017
    Crazy Crankworx - Innsbruck, Austria 2017

    21st – 23rd June 2017


    I was super excited, for the first time in my life, I was going to be travelling to a foreign country, all by myself! The day started at 02:00, my dad had to take me to Bristol Airport for the 06:30 flight to Munich. From there, I had to catch a train to Austria, to stay at my friend's uncle's house. The idea of travelling by myself seemed so glamourous, but the reality was much different. By the time, I was on my 4th train, the excitement was gone and I wished I was in my parents' van be driven to the race. Finally, I made to Austria and I was exhausted and ready for bed. Blog

    test report
    00:00, 23.06.2017
    Velomotion - 06/2017: ROOT MILLER 2 tested by Velomotion

    Verdict: "The Rose Root Miller 2 is an extremely powerful trail bike with a very well tuned suspension, which is also suitable for tough trails. Good looks and features for this price class, excellent finish. […] In total, this is an impressive offer for downhill riders."

    00:00, 19.06.2017
    Banging Bala – Brittish Downhill Series Round 3, Bala, Wales

    17th – 18th June 2017


    Once again, the British Downhill Series took place in the scenic valleys of Northern Wales, and nothing could prepare me for the sweltering heat. The track was loose, fast and sick to ride! I couldn't wait to race.


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