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FLAK 2.0 sports glasses

Product code: 225637801
  • Colour:  matte black/black iridium


The FLAK 2.0 sports glasses by OAKLEY come with large lenses for high protection from sunrays and draught. Light, durable, slip-resistant and comfortable to wear.


• Durability and high comfort thanks to ultra-light, robust O MATTER frame material
• Comfort, performance and a precise optical alignment thanks to a THREE-POINT FIT
• Nose pads and earpieces made from UNOBTAINIUM ensure high comfort and improved grip when sweating

• Optical precision and performance in accordance with ANSI Z87.1 standards
• The impact resistance meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards for high-speed and high-mass impact protection
• UV protection thanks to a PLUTONITE lens that filters 100% of all UV-A/UV-B/UV-C rays as well as harmful blue light up to 400 nm
• HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS technology for a HD vision

Model information:
matte black / black iridium
· Frame colour: matte black
· Lens colour: black iridium
· Manufacturer's ref.: OO9295-01

silver w / fire iridium
· Frame colour: silver
· Lens colour: fire iridium
· Manufacturer's ref.: OO9295-02

polished white / PRIZM Road
· Frame colour: polished white
· Lens colour: PRIZM Road
· Manufacturer's ref.: OO9295-05

black ink / red iridium polarized
· Frame colour: black ink
· Lens colour: OOred iridium polarized
· Manufacturer's ref.: OO9295-08

This durable, lightweight and very comfortable O-MATTER frame material increases protection and provides a flexible fit.

The OAKLEY three-point fit makes sure the frame only touches the face at the nose bridge and at the temples. In this way, it offers increased comfort, performance and a precise optical alignment of the lenses. The frame geometry provides a maximum peripheral field of view.

Hydrophilic material, which is used for nose pads and temple ends. It offers more grip when moisture (sweat) builds up and provides a perfect hold.

One of the optically purest materials used for glasses nowadays. It increases clarity and impact resistance and filters 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC rays as well as harmful blue light up to 400 nm. The UV protection is not achieved by a coating, but by the lens material itself.

The PRIZM lens technology enhances contrasts and clears the view for different kinds of sport and environments. The lenses are suitable for a wide range of light conditions so that there is no need to change them.

PRIZM is an OAKLEY lens technology that offers optimized visibility for specific kinds of sports and activities by fine-tuning individual wavelengths of colour. As it emphasizes colours where the eye is most sensitive to detail, PRIZM improves performance and safety. Thanks to the use of specially manufactured lens tints, the OAKLEY PRIZM technology is able to filter light that affects vision in a negative way and to emphasize colours required for perfect performance/vision. The PRIZM technology fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments and thus sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would be missed by the naked eye. PRIZM ROAD lenses help endurance athletes to better see changes in road surfaces and obstacles like small rocks and potholes, so that they can react quickly and achieve peak performances. The lenses offer optimized vision in bright light and in the shadows. White and yellow road markings are clearly visible and traffic signals brighter. Besides, the colours of sky and green are intensified for a pleasant ride.
Light transmission: approx. 20%

OAKLEY has developed High Definition Optics (HDO). This term refers to a number of patented lens technologies developed in-house for special optical accuracy and fidelity. However, the HDO technology stands out not only for precision. It also stands out for innovations concerning impact resistance. HDO meets strict safety standards and ensures a 100% filtering of UV light. OAKLEY HDO protects the eyes and makes sure visual information will reach the brain with maximum precision.

Polarized lenses filter extreme reflections of smooth, reflective surfaces like wet roads, water or snow. OAKLEY has revolutionized the Polarized technology with a unique manufacturing process where the polarization filter is directly coated with liquid Plutonite material. The result: No distortions or glare.

Manufacturer`s ref.:
Lens tint:
Half rim
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FLAK 2.0 sports glasses

matte black/black iridium
Ich hatte ja schon eine Oakley Flak, die ist mir aber abhanden gekommen. Jedoch habe ich sie mir wieder bestellt und muss sagen Tipi Topi. Ich kan sie nur weiter empfehlen!