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Best rated

ONLY HOT Toe warmers 5 pair

Product code: 225510901

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The ONLY HOT toe warmers are also available in a practical set of 5 consisting of five pairs of disposable warmers for sticking on your socks. Once the pack is torn open, the warmer is exposed to oxygen and will thus heat up to offer pleasant warmth. A must-have for cold feet!

• 5 pairs of disposable toe warmers against cold feet
• Simply stick on the socks
• Extremely thin
• Comfortable
• Safe for allergic people
• Odourless
• 100% natural ingredients
• Also fit women's shoes
• One size
• Instructions for use: Simply tear the pack open and stick the pad on your socks. As soon as the iron contained in the warmer is exposed to oxygen, it begins to oxidize and produces heat.

Note: Avoid direct skin contact.

Manufacturer's ref.: 1011

Dimensions: approx. 140 x 100 x 6 mm
Maximum temperature: approx. 40°C
Average temperature: approx. 38°C
Duration of effect: 9+ hours

Tip: If you do not need your warmer after e.g. 2 hours of use, the remaining hours can be used at a later time. Simply put the warmer into an airtight zip bag and close it properly. As soon as the warmer is taken out of this bag, it again begins to oxidize and produces heat.


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Toe warmers 5 pair

one size

Cool - also: warm! Aber nicht heiß, genau so wie es gebraucht wird. Super. Einfach. Und kann sogar für den Fall des Falles einfach nur mitgenommen werden.

Toe warmers 5 pair

one size

Einfach in der Handhabung. Lang anhaltende, aber nicht all zu hohe Wärmeabgabe. Die Wärmekissen haben sich im Dezember/Januar bei längeren Ausfahrten um den Gefrierpunkt gut bewährt. Targen in den Schuhen kaum merklich auf.