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AlkaBath Alkaline Mineral Body Care Salt

Product code: 228911401

from 3.50

Basic price: €4.67 / 100g

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Especially after intensive training sessions, the Jentschura AlkaBath natural body care is perfect to help you relax and recover. No matter if you take a full bath or use it as a peeling, the alkaline body care salt perfectly cares for stressed and irritated skin. The acidic protective layer of the skin is influenced by sebum and sweat production. Excess acids make the skin feel dry, taut and less absorbent. The alkaline Jentschura AlkaBath helps you take care of your acid-base balance. Among others, it contains sea salt and natural minerals that are absorbed by the skin and optimize the self-oiling process, making it pleasantly soft. You can use Jentschura AlkaBath for full baths, foot baths, peeling or massage for effective deacidification in daily life and relaxation after sports.

• Cleansing and caring body care salt
• With sea salt and natural minerals
• Helps maintain your acid-base balance
• Supports the self-oiling process of the skin
• For a soft skin
• Alkaline pH level of approx. 8.5
• Certified as natural cosmetics
• Very good skin tolerance (dermatologically approved)
• No colourings, fragrances and preservatives
• With 8 finely ground precious stones
• Very economic (50 g / 3 tablespoons for a full bath or 7.5g/1 teaspoon for a foot bath)
• Versatile use for a foot bath, full bath, peeling, shower etc.
• Content: 75 g, 750 g or 2750 g

Jentschura AlkaBath may also be used as a vitalising peeling. Mix 1 part of AlkaBath with 2 parts of Jentschura BasenSchauer (prod. code: 2289115), rub it all over your body and take a short shower. For less sensitive skin, you can also use the AlkaBath directly for peeling. AlkaBath may also be used as a massage additive.

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