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Polar A370 fitness tracker

Product code: 226260802

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Find your balance and enjoy life. The Polar A370 fitness tracker offers 24/7 heart rate measurement, as well as sleep tracking – to keep you fit in your daily life. The fitness tracker is easy to handle so that you do not need to make extensive settings before use. Instead, the Polar A370 will automatically recognize your activities. Whether cycling, running or gym workouts – all your activities, steps and calories burned are tracked and analysed. Even when you are sleeping, the sensor on your wrist will monitor your sleep, so that you can see how restful the night was. When paired with your smartphone or Polar sensors via Bluetooth Smart, the A370 can play to its strengths. Learn how intensive your training was or how many activities you still need to achieve your personal daily goal. Stay connected with friends and family during training, too: Your A370 will always inform you about incoming calls, text messages or appointments.
Thanks to replaceable silicone straps (also separately available with item no.: 2262611) and versatile fitness features, the A370 is an elegant and smart training partner. It keeps you on the move. Thus, you will experience life more intensively and in a healthier way – and keep your fingers on the pulse of time.

• Weight: approx. 37,3 g (size M/L)
• Dimensions of silicone strap: thickness approx. 13,5 mm; width approx. 23,5 mm
• Full colour 1,18" TFT display
• Resolution: 80 x 160 pixels
• Waterproof up to 30 m
• Optical heart rate module with 2 green LED lights, 1 photodiode and analogue front end
• Rechargeable 110 mAh li-pol battery (via micro USB)
• Battery life: approx. 4 days with 24/7 activity tracking with approx. 1 h of training with heart rate measurement a day (without using Smart Notifications)
• Can also be upgraded with the Polar H7 chest strap (optionally available with item no.: 1922505)

Smart Coaching features:
• Training Benefit: Learn how effective your training was and get an overview of all training-relevant data in Polar Flow
• Smart Calories: heart rate or activity based calculation of calories burned based on personal data like body weight, age, gender or intensity of your physical activities
• Running training programme: create and train according to your personal Polar Flow training plan for one of four different goals (5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon)

Activity features:
• 24/7 tracking: The A370 tracks your daily activity in five steps and measures the number of steps taken calories burned and hours slept.
• Activity Guide: suggests a daily activity goal you can achieve. Moreover, you will see how active you were during the day.
• Activity time: See the total time you were in different activity levels (detailed information in Polar Flow App and Polar Flow web service)
• Step and distance counter: The fitness tracker recognizes your steps and saves the number of steps in your diary, so that you can compare yourself
• Activity summary: saves all your physical activities during the day (detailed information in Polar Flow App and Polar Flow web service)
• Inactivity alerts show you when it’s time to move
• Activity Benefit: Make use of the possibility to track your daily training decisions and see the benefits for your body. You can always see your progress in the Polar Flow app or the Polar web service
• Sleep Plus: Based on the movements of your wrist, the A370 recognizes when you fall asleep and when you wake up. Thus, it can show you the duration and quality of your sleep. Determine the desired duration of sleep and analyse it, so that the A370 can give you a feedback about how restful your sleep was.
• Duration and quality of sleep: The A370 automatically monitors the duration of sleep based on the movements of your body. With the help of comparisons, the Polar Flow web service gives you information on your sleep behaviour and shows you the effects of changes in everyday life.

Training features:
• Speed and distance measurement at the wrist: Use the sport profiles for running and walking and let the A370 track your distance and speed in- and outdoors
• Heart rate measurement at the wrist: Optical sensors that are integrated into the strap monitor your heart rate and provide advice so that you learn how to train with the right intensity
• Heart rate measurement: display of heart rate in beats per minute (bpm), as heart rate reserve (% HRR) or as a percentage of your maximum heart rate (% HRmax) (H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor set required, item no.: 1922505)
• Heart rate zones: The default heart rate zones are divided into five intensity zones so that you can always see in which zone you have to train to e.g. improve your condition (H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor set required, item no.: 1922505)
• ZonePointer: A moving symbol in zone display in your training computer showing whether you are inside the pre-set or desired target zone.
• Fitness test: estimates your aerobic fitness based on heart rate and personal data
• Saves your training history

Polar Flow features:
• Diary: offers an easy way to follow your training, activity and progress (in a daily, monthly or weekly view)
• Social feed: Share your achievements and follow or comment other trainers´ training session or activity summary.
• Instant activity and training analysis: a visual summary of your training in daily, weekly or monthly view.
• Advanced activity and training analysis: Analyse every detail of your training and physical activities
• Training planning: Create detailed training targets based on calories, time or distance and save and analyse them in your training diary
• Sport profiles: Choose your favourite types of sport from over 100 sport profiles available and define specific settings.
• Progress follow-up: Get reports and graphs over your weekly, monthly or yearly successes

Connectivity features:
• Bluetooth Smart: allows for a standardized wireless communication and pairs your Polar device with Polar sensors or syncs it with your smartphone
• USB cable for data synchronization for PC or Mac (required for firmware updates via Polar Flow web service)
• Compatible with Polar Flow web service from Mac OS X 10.6 or later/ Windows XP or later
• Compatible with Polar Flow smartphone app (via Bluetooth Smart)
• Compatible with Polar Flow web service
• Manual data export to third party apps as TCX, GPX or CSV files
• Import from polarpersonaltrainer.com to Polar Flow Web Service
• Exchange for training and activity data with fitness apps like Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health Hit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness

Other features:
• 15 languages (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Japanese and simplified Chinese)
• The free Polar Flow App allows you to transfer your data to a Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphone for analysation
• USB cable for data synchronisation with a PC or Mac (free via Polar Flow Web Service)
• Smart Notifications: vibration and acoustic alert for incoming calls, text messages or push messages (at least Android version 5.0 required)
• Date/Day of the week
• Time (12/24 h)
• Alert function (acoustic and vibration)
• Keylock

Including: Polar A370 fitness tracker incl. USB cable to charge and sync your data, quick start guide

Manufacturer’s ref.: 90064882 (black, size M/L), 90064879 (white, size M/L)


Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
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A370 fitness tracker


A370 fitness tracker

Leider nur nutzbar mit Polar Flow mit anderen Apps wie Zwift nicht koppelbar
Uhr Rutsch ab und an aus Armband

A370 fitness tracker


A370 fitness tracker

deep blue

A370 fitness tracker

Der Polar Activity Tracker erfüllt absolut meine Erwartungen. Für mich stand der Schrittzähler im Vordergrund, was relativ genau funktioniert. Er lässt sich angenehm tragen, und dass man das Band (verschiedene Farben) tauschen kann, ist auch erwähnenswert. Der einzige Grund für nur 4 Sterne ist die unglaublich lange Synchronisationszeit. Hierbei waren all meine bisherigen und deutlich günstigeren Tracker wesentlich schneller. Ansonsten eine klare Kaufempfehlung!!!

A370 fitness tracker

schnelle Lieferung wie versprochen 👍🏼