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Duo 2.0 battery-powered electric muscle stimulator

Product code: 228346001

269.95 RRP €349.00

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PowerDot Duo 2.0 – the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Duo version allows you to stimulate two muscle groups at once and independent of each other. A targeted activation of the muscles promises improved training and recovery and may help relieve tension in your muscles. In order to make the stimulation of a muscle group with electrode pads more workable, PowerDot uses the technology of modern EMS systems and packs it into a compact and user-friendly pod with built-in battery, which connects to the intuitive, mobile PowerDot app for easy control. This can be done so easily.

The Duo offers unrestricted mobility during training and helps increase the effect on your muscles. For instance, in the push phase of your thigh or the pull phase of your calf muscles during intensive training sessions on your roller trainer. The NMES technology (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) can be used for each sport. Electrical impulses create muscle contractions and relieve muscles. Besides, EMS increases blood circulation, supports recovery and provides relief.

What are the benefits of NMES?
• Faster recovery after training and competitions
• Help prevent injury
• Reduce muscle soreness
• Increase Blood Circulation
• Increase muscle strength
• Increase muscle endurance
• Warm up muscles to prevent injury
• Improve your overall well-being

The PowerDot app guides you through every function to help you improve performance, speed up muscle recovery and massage away tension from stress. You can choose between 10 different programs and manual settings for training and recovery with individual stimulation intensity, duration, shapes and sequences:

For increased performance
• Endurance: Increase duration of training and intensity
• Muscle Endurance: Support the muscles during intensive strength training sessions
• Strength: Increase general muscle strength
• Stabilization: For muscular coordination of complex motion sequences, for speed and speed strength
• Speed strength: Train the stretch reflex of muscles and tendons

For effective recovery.
• Active Recovery: Speed up muscle recovery and activate muscles after exhausting workouts
• Light Recovery: Low-frequency, non-fatiguing stimulation to help your muscles recover faster
• Extended Recovery: With a longer muscle simulation period for active recovery, to prevent muscle fatigue, as a pain programme or for relaxation

Massage: Increase blood flow and circulation to decrease soreness, stiffness and everyday aches.
• Warm Up: Jump-start your workouts and help minimize injuries with a warm up that prepares your muscles to do more.

After having selected the programme, the menu supports you with clear instructions e.g. on where to position the pod or with safety instructions. It offers therapy recommendations, a progress control and individual manual settings.

PowerDot Smart TENS:
What’s more, PowerDot has now extended the features of its app for iOS and Android by a sophisticated TENS programme for pain relief.
The Smart TENS feature by PowerDot is different from many other TENS devices in that it creates matching programmes for pain relief for your individual pain type and level. Within the app, you can select the area of pain (elbow, calf, knee, back etc), confirm the type of pain (chronic, acute, injury related etc.) and set the level of pain on a scale from 1-10. The system takes this information to create a specialized TENS programme, which you can use right away. After finishing the programme, generally after 30 minutes, the app asks you again about the your pain score on the same scale.

The recorded data is saved in the app and visualized in a therapy statistic. Easy to read graphs show your progress over time allowing you to monitor your pain score. The created programme can be modified anytime with slider bars to adapt the intensity and duration to your personal requirements, if it gets too uncomfortable. When manually modifying the parameters, bargraphs on comfort and effectiveness help you understand the effect that changes have on your therapy. Lowering the level of stimulation too much will lead to reduced effectiveness – which is shown clearly.

• Manual settings:
Manual settings allow you to individually modify one of the training programmes according to your own requirements. This unique function allows you to take control of the contraction length (3-7 seconds) and frequency (100-120 Hz), rest time (26-50 seconds) and frequency (0-4 Hz), ramp up/down (0.5-4 seconds), pulse length (160 – 416 µs/micro seconds), and number of contractions (15-35).

• EMS system to activate a muscle group
• 2 stimulating pods with 2 electrodes each
• Separate impulse control for each pod
• Built-in Bluetooth LE 4.0 module
• Easy synchronisation with a touch of a button
• Controlled from your smartphone
• Free PowerDot app
• View battery and pod life
• Multifunctional button for on/off/mode
• Self-adhesive electrode pads in a round (Ø 55 mm) and square version (90 x 50 mm)
• Magnetic snaps on electrodes for easy handling
• 2 sets of cables (10 and 30 cm) for maximum mobility
• Built-in lithium-polymer battery 3,7 V, 210 mAh (Micro USB port)
• Rechargeable via 5 V USB socket
• Charging time: approx. 60 hrs
• Charge fully for up to approx. 20 hours of use (depending on the selected programme) or for 5-6 hours of continuous stimulation (with average parameters)
• Battery life: at least 500 charging cycles
• 2 independent stimulation channels
• Ambient temperature operation/storage/transport: 0 °C to +40 °C
• Relative ambient humidity: 10 - 90 %
• Clinically proven and FDA cleared
• Stimulation waveform: asymmetric, biphasic and zero-mean
• Stimulation frequency range: 1 – 120 Hz
• Stimulation pulse width: 150 - 400 μS (for main/positive phase)
• Maximum output voltage/amperage: 115 V/115 mA (±5 %, for 150 μS impulses)
• Material: thermoplastic ABS, elastoplast TPU
• Dimensions: approx. 60,4 x 43,5 x 13,6 mm
• Weight: approx. 25 g

PowerDot app:
• Available for free download for Android and iOS devices via Google Play Store or Apple Store
• Mobile devices: smartphone (Bluetooth Smart Ready compatibility, HD touchscreen) or Apple iPhone 4S (or later models)
• Operating system: Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 (or later)

In the box:
• 2x PowerDot pods
• 2x sets of self-adhesive electrodes, 4x round and 2x square pods (product code 2283462)
• 2x sets of cables 10 cm and 30 cm
• 2x micro USB charging cables
• Durable carrying case

PowerDot uses the electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS). Please read the manual carefully! For best results, you should use PowerDot as a sports tool or complementary product in combination with a healthy lifestyle, regular physical training and a balanced diet.

See here for a product video: https://youtu.be/po38OS9zMQ8
Here you’ll find a quick set-up guide (PowerDot Duo 1.0): https://youtu.be/zPwkx0o7q6U

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Duo 2.0 battery-powered electric muscle stimulator

Super einfaches Handling! Funktioniert gut und bringt den gewünschten Effekt! :) vor allem ist es kompakt und auf Reisen schnell eingepackt.

Duo 2.0 battery-powered electric muscle stimulator


Duo 2.0 battery-powered electric muscle stimulator