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KEEGO Elastic Titanium Bottle

Product code: 231945701

34.95 RRP €59.00

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Elastic like plastic. Neutral taste like glass. Durable like metal.
The lightweight KEEGO Titanium drink bottle fuses the different materials and sets a new standard for plastic-free drinking pleasure. Keego has managed to make titanium elastic and shape it into a squeezable drinking bottle. With the ROSE KEEGO Titanium, you get all these technology AND the attractive ROSE design.

The core of the squeezable bottle is made of pure titanium - an especially light, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean metal, which due to its material characteristics is also used for biomedical implants. Your drink stays free of microplastics and won’t take on a bad taste - even after long training sessions in constant heat. And mould doesn’t stand a chance on the unbroken metal surface. The outer shell is made of a high-end soft-touch polymer, which protects the titanium core and makes the bottle light, easy to grip, and more elastic compared to its predecessor.

The redesigned cap is easy to dissamble, clean and reassemble. In addition, the nozzle made of pure silicone prevents any plastic contact.
The valve of the EasyClean cap has an X-Cut that only opens when squeezing the bottle. With the ROSE KEEGO Titanium you’ll get the full comfort of a light sports bottle and rest easy knowing you’ll get a clean, genuine drinking experience.

• Lightweight, squeezable drink bottle with a core made from elastic titanium
• No plastic inside – that means no BPA, BPS, softeners and microplastics
• Fits into all common bottle cages
• Light, especially durable titanium core (lifetime of about 10,000 squeezes)
• Food-safe (FDA approved), taste and odour neutral
• Hygienic due to self-cleaning material characteristics
• Prevents adhesion of drink residue and growing of mould
• High-quality silicone nozzle prevents plastic contact
• Leak-proof (valve only opens when squeezing the bottle)
• Good water stream allows you to drink without mouth contact
• Light, rectangular shape with rounded edge for optimal pressure distribution
• Non-slip grooves for better grip
• Outer case is made of a durable, flexible polymer
• Wide opening makes cleaning easier

• Material: Titanium (bottle core); polypropylene (outer shell); plastic, silicone (cap)
• Volume: approx. 750 ml
• Height approx. 24 cm
• Diameter: approx. 6 cm (bottom) approx. 7 cm (top)
• Weight: approx. 86 g

In the box:
• 1x ROSE KEEGO Squeezable Titanium Bottle, 750 ml

TIP for cleaning:
Thoroughly rinse the bottle with water. If you do need to clean your KEEGO further, you can wash it by hand with a soft sponge or cloth and a bit of washing-up liquid.
Important: please do not use any abrasive materials (such as a sanding sponge or hard brush)!

We do not recommend using the dishwasher (as there are so many different models).
If you do want to use one, put the bottle in the upper portion of your dishwasher and make sure to set it to a low temperature.

Material: plastic:
Material: aluminium:
Material: stainless steel:
Dust cap:
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