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Discover the brand-new SRAM eTAP AXS™

For SRAM, the electronic eTap AXS™ shifting system is no less than a revolution. Maximum performance paired with the greatest possible flexibility was the aim of its engineers. For the first time in the history of the US-American component manufacturer, a road bike shifting system has a total of 12 sprockets at the rear wheel.

Apart from even smoother shifting, the eTap AXS™ offers an improved gear ratio that helps combine small gear steps with a wide range of gears in a clever way. The proven and intuitive eTap shifting logic remained unchanged. In addition, SRAM now offers the possibility to connect the shifting system to the AXS™ app and to personalize it. You can now choose for example between a sequential and a compensating shifting mode as well as determine the number of shifted sprockets in the Multishift mode. In addition, the electronic integration platform allows you to monitor the battery status, adjust controls, receive maintenance reminders and update the software. In short – with the eTap AXS™ by SRAM, you have finally arrived in the digital age!

Of course, the brand-new SRAM shifting groupset can now also be found on high-end racing bikes in our Race, Marathon and Aero range. With the X-LITE SIX with disc and rim brake, the TEAM GF SIX for Gran Fondo use, or the XEON CW DISC aero racer, you can convince yourself o the new shifting comfort!

ORBIT™ chain control

  • Elegant and ultra-light damper system
  • Quieter, easier and more efficient gear shifts
  • Bomb-proof reliability for single- and double-speed systems
  • Sealed system: maintenance-free

FLATTOP™ chain

  • Unique shape of chain links for a slimmer and lighter chain
  • More precise and quieter gear shifts

X-RANGE™ transmission

  • 12 sprockets at the rear wheel
  • Ideal transmissions for powerful modern bikes and cyclists
  • More pleasant gear ratio
  • Always the right gear

AXS™ app

  • AXS™ is the new integrated platform by SRAM
  • Influence shifting behaviour, create maintenance plans and much more

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