INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter

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INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter
INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter

Rotor INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter

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Does it make sense to measure your power on a mountain bike? Sure! And with the ROTOR INpower MTB DM power meter, power-based MTB training even becomes attractive for newcomers. Easy handling of the power meter and easy analysis with graphs vie the ROTOR power smartphone app allow for effective training with power measurement – without requiring a master’s degree in training control. This offers you a decisive advantage over training control through heart rate measurement, because in contrast to the heart rate, the power measured in watts is not affected by factors like temperature, altitude or individual conditions such as your form on the day or your stress level. This makes the measured values extremely precise and comparable.
Of course, power is never constant when mountain biking. Steep climbs and technical downhills place varying demands on the pilot. Yet, marathon and cross-country riders in particular will benefit from a significantly higher quality of basic training and from the (additional) knowledge about their own performance, especially their individual FTP (functional threshold power). Thus, they can perfectly control and plan both leisure tours and races – for beautiful adventures without torturing yourself when crossing the Alps and for better results without bonking.

The ROTOR INpower MTB power meter crank measures left leg power in watts, using two sets of opposing strain gauges in the axle. The strain gauges are able to measure power, cadence, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness. Specifically designed for off road use, all of the electronics are located inside the water-proof, sealed axle for best protection. Expensive maintenance and battery replacement by professional workshops are not required. The standard AA battery inside lasts for up to approx. 300 hours of training and the sealed battery compartment allows for a fast battery replacement in no time.

In combination with oval MTB Q rings chainrings by ROTOR, the INpower MTB DM crankset achieves maximum performance for increased pedalling efficiency and comfort. The special chainrings particularly prove advantageous on steep climbs and help you make the most out of your pedal stroke. They provide a much smoother pedal stroke with minimised dead sports in steep sections and on rough grounds. Those dead spots in the pedal stroke are much more common in mountain biking than in road cycling and often force the rider to get off his bike. By adjusting the chainring position to your personal preferences (OCP = optimal chainring position) with the help of the ROTOR Power analysis software, you can make for a smooth pedal stroke, use your power more efficiently and protect your muscles and joints. The result is simple and brilliant: You’ll get faster and can ride even longer without suffering from fatigue!

• Dust- and water-resistant, as the powermeter technology is tucked neatly inside the crank axle
• Resistant against temperature fluctuations
• Left leg measurement
• Easy battery replacement with a standard AA battery (not included)
• Easy and intuitive, tool-free calibration
• ANT+ and Bluetooth functionality
• “Trinity Drilling” hollow bored crank arms
• DirectMount chainring installation
• Compatible with oval singlespeed chainrings in a one-piece design (MTB)
• Adjustment of oval ROTOR Q rings chainrings accurate to 1°
• Torque360 function
• Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA)
• Optimum Chainring Position (OCP)
• Updateable
• Compatible with almost all bottom bracket standards (UBB30)

• Material: CNC milled aluminium 6082/7075
• Chainring mount: Direct Mount
• Axle Ø: 30 mm (BB30)
• Chainline: 52 mm (Boost)
• Q factor: 169 mm (Boost)
• Crank arm length: 165mm / 170mm / 175mm (please make your choice)
• Compatibility BB shell: BB30 / PF30 / BSA / BB89 / BB92
• Data transfer: Bluetooth and ANT+
• Battery: Standard 1,5V AA cell
• Water resistance: IPX7
• Weight: approx. 544 g (170 mm / without chainrings)

Compatible chainrings:
• ROTOR DM MTB Q rings DirectMount chainring OVAL (product code 2281672)

Compatible bottom brackets:
• ROTOR BSA30 bottom bracket cups (product code 2104328)
• ROTOR PRESS FIT 4130 bottom bracket ROAD/MTB BB86/89/92 (product code 2097143)
• ROTOR BBPF30 bottom bracket cups PF 30, BB386 EVO and BBRight (product code 2111054)

In the box:
• ROTOR INpower MTB DM power meter crank (without chainrings and bottom bracket)
• Spacers, washer and spacer chart
• Manual
• DM Nut-Tool for Direct Mount chainrings (additional Shimano Hollowtech II tool required)

Direct Mount:
All current ROTOR cranks of the Road Series ALDHU and VEGAST, the MTB Series RHAWK, RRAPTOR and KAPIC as well as the power meters INpower DM and 2INpower DM use the established DirectMount system for chainring installation, that has proven its worth in mountain biking for years. This allows for easy chainring replacement, direct engagement on the axle and maximum flexibility in the choice of gear ratios and drivetrain characteristics. Moreover, the fine toothing between crank and chainring allows you to adjust the oval ROTOR Q rings with 1° accuracy.

ROTOR POWER analysis software:
All ROTOR power meters allow you to easily analyse your pedalling efficiency by using the free analysis software ROTOR POWER for your computer (available for download on the Rotor homepage for Windows/Mac) or the smartphone or tablet app (available in the App Store or Google Play Store). Besides, the software helps you adjust and visualise oval ROTOR Q rings and shows the distribution of power over a 360-degree stroke with a graph. Thus, you can optimize efficiency quickly and easily.

Pedal Smoothness:
This feature shows you how smooth your pedal stroke is. It’s the ratio between average power and highest power during a pedal stroke, measured in per cent.

OCA "Optimum Chainring Angle":
This function allows you to determine the crank arm angle at which the highest force is applied. This helps you find the optimum chainring position in no time, especially when using oval chainrings.

OCP "Optimum Chainring Position":
The optimum chainring position of oval chainrings is important. OCP represents the different setup positions that ROTOR Q rings offer to fit a rider’s distinct pedalling style. You can determine your OCP if you know your Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA), which can be found by conducting a TORQUE 360 pedal analysis via the ROTOR Power analysis software.

This INpower technology enables the presentation of the effective torque applied to the pedals and shows how evenly power was applied throughout all 360 degrees of a pedal stroke. As the ROTOR INpower technology measures power in every single leg, you can analyse the entire pedal stroke and determine both positive and negative power. The TORQUE 360 feature helps you learn more about your own pedalling style and improve your technique.

Functional Treshold Power (FTP):
Functional Treshold Power (FTP) is an important analysis value. It specifies how much power can be maintained over an hour without signs of fatigue. A 20-minute FTP test determines the values to define the training zones. This allows for much more effective training control. Besides, knowing your FTP value will help you pace yourself effectively during competitions and on long climbs. Thus, you will be faster overall and come out on top.

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INpower MTB DM Crank with Built-In Power Meter

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