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28 Disc 12x100 Hub Dynamo

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28 Disc 12x100 Hub Dynamo

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Hub dynamo or thru axle?
Until now, demanding cyclists have had to do without one of these two. A thru axle stiffens the suspension fork and allows for a more precise positioning of the hub, which proves particularly advantageous for disc brake systems. This version with a 12 mm thru axle allows riders of modern disc racers and riders of cyclocross or gravel bikes to benefit from the advantages of a hub dynamo lighting system. To combine the two parts, the manufacturer had to change the axle design as well as essential elements of the generator. The result: A hub dynamo that resembles the SON 28 Disc in terms of design, robustness and electrical values but comes with a big “hole”. Besides, the weight is kept very low with only 460 g. Its nominal output in a 28" bike is reached at ca. 16 km/h. Therefore, it is recommended for situations where you require a lot of light at low speed or where you would like to operate or charge other devices like a GPS device or a smartphone.

• For 16“ – 29“ wheels
• 65% efficiency at 15 km/h in a 28" wheel
• Power consumption when idling: 0,5 watts at 15 km/h in a 28" wheel (corresponds to an increase of 12 cm per 1 km)
• Mount for 12 mm thru axle
• Aluminium 6082 T6 hub sleeve
• High-quality groove ball bearings
• Double sealing inside
• Weight: approx. 460 g
• Centerlock brake disc mount
• 6 volt, 3 watts
• 32 hole
• Hub width: 100 mm
• No overvoltage protection (Most front and rear lights already come with built-in overvoltage protection. When using a rear rack, you can also use the overvoltage protection SM-DH10 by Shimano, see item no.: 534215.)

Optional accessories:
• SON axle adapter 12 mm/9 mm for conversion to quick release (item no.: 2276012)

NOTE: The hub dynamo is suitable for use off the road, yet not for downhill riding or similar types of riding. Radial lacing is not permitted. In order to prevent your lights from being permanently on, you will need a front light with a switch!

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12 x 100 mm
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28 Disc 12x100 Hub Dynamo

anodised black
32 hole
...Son halt...

28 Disc 12x100 Hub Dynamo

anodised black
32 hole
Kävelynopeuksissa valo vähän vilkkuu, muuten erittäin huomaamaton mutta silti tehokas.