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    Questions and answers  

    This is a collection of questions and answers that our hotline frequently deals with. It is extended and updated on a regular basis. To facilitate finding the right question, we have divided them into some categories.


    Customer account

    • How do I get access to a customer account?

      Register on our homepage via the “Register“ link. Please pay attention to the completeness and correctness of your data. Note that it might take some time before you receive your access data, because they are tested for plausibility first. Normally, you get an answer from our system within one hour.

    • I have lost my customer number, what now?

      In that case, please call our hotline and ask our staff for your customer number. Our Rose hotline is available under +49 (0)2871 27 55-55.

    • I can’t login with my access data, what now?

      If you have received your password via e-mail, copy it out of your e-mail directly into the password field on our Rose homepage. Pay attention not to copy any blanks.

    • I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

      On our Rose homepage, there is a navigation point called “Login“. You can also request a new password there.

    • I have requested a password, but why don’t I get one?

      There is possibly still an old e-mail address that you don’t use anymore in our customer base. Please call our hotline to check that. Our staff can update your e-mail address. Please call our hotline under +49 2871 27 55-55 to change an old or incorrect address.

    • How can I change my data or my password?

      Please login with your customer no. and your password. Your personal data is stored in your online account. You have got the possibility to change your data. Please use the link “Change” behind the respective data to do so.

    • Why is my order not shown online?

      For the time being, orders are not shown online as long as they are still processed. Only completed orders are shown.



    • Is it possible to get my bike with a different equipment?

      You can, of course, configure your Rose bike according to your wishes. There is a link to our configurator under every bike model, but you can also go to the configurator via the tab “Services”. Choose your favourite components from our whole range. Feel free to ask our skilled bike salespeople in our shop Rose BIKETOWN or under +49 (0) 28 71 27 55 - 70.

    • When ordering my bike online and choosing “pickup“, when and how can I pay for it?

      You can pay the bike when picking it up. The following payment methods are possible: cash / debit card (please consider your card might have a day limit) / credit card (Visa, Amex, Mastercard) / prepayment (please transfer the amount to our bank account at the latest 3 days before the pickup). You can pick up your bike in Rose BIKETOWN in Bocholt at the following times:
      Mon. - Wed.: 10.00 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
      Thu. - Fri.: 10.00 a.m. – 8 p.m.
      Sat.: 10.00 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    • Do I have to pay a deposit when ordering my bike in BIKETOWN?

      When you order a bike in BIKETOWN and you would like to pick it up there, you can pay a deposit if you like. However, it is not mandatory.



    • Can I get measured to determine the right frame size for me?

      Yes, we can take your measurements in Rose BIKETOWN and you do not need an appointment for it. If you would like to configure and order your bike online, you can give us your measured data.

    • Can I test the bikes in your shop?

      Yes, you have got the possibility to test our bikes in our shop. Due to the fact that we cannot guarantee that your favourite bike is available in the right frame size, we ask you to give us a call before coming. Our telephone number is: +49 (0)2871 27 55 - 55.

    • Can I make an appointment with a bike salesperson in order to avoid waiting time in your Biketown?

      Yes, you can book an appointment online here or by phone under +49 2871 27 55 55.

    • How long do I have to wait normally for an adviser without having booked an appointment?

      The waiting time differs depending on the day of the week and the customer volume. In order to guarantee a fair order, we use a pager system. Please contact our information staff in the shop if you would like to have a pager. The pager will inform you as soon as the next adviser is free. In the meantime, you can have a look around our shop or have a cup of coffee. You will be informed automatically via the pager when it’s your turn.

    • Can I take my bike home immediately after ordering it in BIKETOWN?

      We assemble every bike individually, according to your personal wishes and your body measurements. This makes, of course, a certain delivery period necessary. Therefore, it is generally not possible to take a bike home directly. However, sometimes you can take home available exposition bikes.

    • How do I know when my bike is ready?

      You will receive an e-mail containing a shipping confirmation, or an e-mail which lets you know that your bike can be picked up in BIKETOWN.

    • Are there further Rose retailers?

      We sell our bikes exclusively via internet and in our shop Rose BIKETOWN in Bocholt/München. The direct selling offers a considerable price advantage, which we pass on to our customers.

    • Which guarantees does Rose offer?

      Your ROSE bike comes with a comprehensive warranty package. You have a 2-year warranty on all components and we will, within 10 years and free of charge, repair spoke breaks occurring in relation to Xtreme wheels or wheels that we have assembled according to your specifications (not standard series wheels). We will also replace every broken frame within 5 years. This warranty is only valid for the first owner*, a 5 years replacement guarantee (in case of an accident or fall, you get a replacement frame for half the price)* and 2 years on all components without restriction* (for all competition cyclists and bike messengers, too).

      *see Terms and Conditions.

    • Can I return a bike?

      There is a 1-month right of return on unused bikes with standard equipment, just like for all other catalogue items, too. There is no general right of return on configured bikes. If and on which conditions these bikes can be returned depends on the configuration level. Based on our experience, it happens only very rarely that a customer does not like his or her own configuration anymore. We usually find an uncomplicated and fair solution to requests for subsequent retrofitting, for example for ergonomic reasons, to improve the sitting position. These requests will be carried out by our Bike Service (free pick-up and return delivery within Germany).


    • Do I need an appointment to collect my bike?

      We will let you know by email or post as soon as your bike is ready for collection. Then you can enter your desired date and time in the webshop using your customer account.

      Mon. – Wed. 10.00 am – 6.30 pm
      Thurs. – Fri. 10.00 am – 8.00 pm
      Sat. 10.00 am – 6.00 pm




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