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3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch
3 Multisport Watch

Suunto 3 Multisport Watch

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Product code: 231181001

Colour moss grey

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Inspired by Finland’s raw nature, the Suunto 3 multisport watch impresses with its high-quality, robust craftsmanship and slim design – a stylish understatement.

The Suunto 3 was designed to harmonize with your life thanks to its customizable, adaptive training guidance and integrated activity tracking around the clock, including steps, sleep, stress and recovery time.
The high-end sports watch comes with a soft microfibre textile armband, for a comfortable, breathable and secure hold. It is easy to clean and has moisture-repelling properties – perfect for all your adventures. The watch can be worn anywhere because of its high-quality look and feel, whether you are running in the forest, walking the dog, or going out on the town.

The adaptive training guide from Suunto comes with three different modes to best help you reach your goals: Maintain, moderate improvement (default), or increase your current fitness level with an intensive training program.
The Suunto 3 creates a 7-day training plan for each of the chosen modes, adapting it for the optimal duration and level of intensity. Your training plan will automatically be adjusted based on your actual activities. So if you skip a workout or train a bit more than planned, you won’t need to worry about manually updating your plan. Just activate the planned training and the watch will offer guidance to keep you at the right level of intensity while exercising.

The Suunto 3 is ready to be used during most types of sports, such as running, swimming and cycling, yoga, fitness, hiking, and much more. The watch uses wrist-based step frequency measurements to track your speed and distance while walking or running, so you can also track speed and distance while indoors.

You can easily measure your heart rate at the wrist and the watch is waterproof up to a depth of 30 m – so you can use it worry-free while swimming.

The Suunto 3 automatically counts your daily steps and calories burned. But a good night’s sleep is just as important for recovery. If you wear the Suunto 3 at night, it can record the quality of your sleep. You can then check the sleep summary to find out how long you slept and how well it helped you to recover.
The watch also records your level of stress and recovery throughout the day, so you can ensure enough reserves for the rest of the day.

Connect the Suunto 3 with the Suunto App to log all of your activities and stay up to date on your activities, sleep, and overall fitness level. You can also communicate with others in the Suunto App community and share unforgettable training moments with them.
When you connect with the Suunto App, you can activate speed and distance tracking, and record where you’ve been – all based on your smartphone’s GPS.


• Integrated wrist-based heart rate measurement
• Customizable clock faces
• Button lock (during exercise)
• Time
• Dual time (shows two time zones)
• Date
• Alarm (1 alarm can be configured)
• Stopwatch
• Countdown timer
• Automatic timekeeping
• Vibration alarm
• Metric and imperial units


Activity log:
• Step counter
• Calories burned
• Activity goals (steps, calories)
• Calories burned and heart rate during your daily activities
• Track daily minimum heart rate (resting)

Sleep monitoring:
• Time slept
• Average heart rate during sleep
• Sleep times
• Sleep quality

Stress and Recovery:
• Daily resource level
• Stress and recovery status


Heart rate functions:
• Heart rate measurement at wrist
• Compatible heart rate belts: Bluetooth Smart chest strap
• RR interval (heart rate variability (HRV) with the heart rate chest strap Suunto Smart, prod. code 2311815)
• Heart rate in beats per minute
• Track heart rate while swimming (with the heart rate chest strap Suunto Smart, prod. code 2311815)
• Heart rate diagram in real time
• Average heart rate in real time
• Heart-rate-based calories burned
• Personal heart rate zones
• Fitness level (VO2max)

Interval training:
• Interval setup (on the watch)
• Interval guidance during exercise

Speed and distance:
• Cadence-based speed and distance
• GPS speed and distance measurement (with GPS connectivity through the Suunto App)
• Chrono
• Compatible with walking sensor (Foot POD support): Bluetooth Smart
• Automatic laps (auto laps, based on distance and duration)
• Manual laps
• Analysis of tempo, speed diagram and routes on the map (in the Suunto App)

Training recovery:
• Training-based recovery time
• Record your condition after training on the watch

Training load:
• Log book with training details (on the watch)
• Training summary with lap details (on the watch)
• Training protocol for long term overview
• Weekly training duration per sport type during the past 4 weeks


Swimming features:
• Track heart rate while swimming (with the heart rate chest strap Suunto Smart, prod. code 2311815)
• Speed and distance data for pool swimming

Cycling features:
• Speed while cycling (with GPS connectivity through the Suunto App)
• Speed and cadence sensor support: Bluetooth Smart

Running features:
• Running speed
• Suunto FusedSpeed™ (determines speed by combining GPS and accelerometer at the wrist)
• Foot POD calibration (running sensor): automatic
• Interval guidance with running speed / heart rate / distance (on the watch)

Multisport features:
• Change sports mode during exercise

Sport modes:
• Graphical display in sport modes (heart rate)
• Pre-installed sports modes on the watch: 70


GPS tracking and navigation:
• Satellite systems: GPS (when paired with smartphone)
• GPS recording rate: 1s
• GPS route analysis (in the Suunto App, with GPS connectivity)
• Record, display, and share route (in the Suunto app, with GPS connectivity)

• Sunrise/sunset times (using GPS location in Suunto app)


• Interfaces: Bluetooth Smart (BLE):
• Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensor support (heart rate, speed, cadence, running sensor (running POD)
• Compatible with Suunto App (free in App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), please check system requirements)
• Phone notifications on the watch (smart notifications, when connected to Suunto App)
• Compatible with online sports communities (such as STRAVA, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo, etc.)
• Watch software updates over the cloud
• Smartphone compatibility: iOS (iPhone) and Android

• Bezel material: stainless steel
• Glass material: polyamide
• Housing material: plastic (ABS)
• Armband material: microfibre fabric
• Armband width: 20 mm (for wrist circumference: 120-210 mm)
• Display type: Matrix display in colour
• Display resolution: 218 x 218 pixels
• Backlight: LED
• Configurable backlight
• Waterproof rating: 30 m (in accordance with ISO 6425)
• Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, TR, HE
• Firmware upgradable
• Dimensions: approx. 43 x 43 x 14.3 cm
• Weight: approx. 29 g

• Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Battery charge indicator: percent / symbol
• Battery life in time mode: up to 10 days
• Battery life with continuous logging and mobile notifications: up to 5 days
• Battery life in training mode without GPS: up to 40 hours
• Battery life in training mode with GPS: up to 30 hours when connected with smartphone’s GPS
• Recommended battery charging temperature range: 0 °C to +35 °C (+32 F to +95°F)
• Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +60 °C (-5 °F to +140 °F)
• Storage temperature range: -30 °C to +60 °C (-22 °F to +140 °F)

In the box:
• 1 Suunto 3 Multisport Watch
• 1 USB charging cable (also separately available, see prod. code: 2311823)
USB power supply/wall unit NOT included.

Optional accessories:
• Suunto Bike Sensor for speed, distance, and cadence measurement during cycling (prod. code 2311814)
• Suunto Smart heart rate chest strap (prod. code 2311815)
• Suunto Bike Mount (prod. code 2311826)

Optional spare and replacement armbands:
• Suunto Athletic 1 silicone armband, slate grey/moss grey/black, 20 mm (prod. code 2311827)
• Suunto Athletic 5 braided textile armband, black, 20 mm (prod. code 2311831)
• Suunto Urban 2 leather armband, black, 20 mm (prod. code 2311830)

Compatible with ANT+:
Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Cycling features:
Swimming features:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
Heart rate measurement with chest strap:
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3 Multisport Watch

all black
Tolle Uhr

3 Multisport Watch

moss grey
Die Uhr ist leicht und am Handgelenk kaum zu spüren.
Das Armband ist für Männerarme zu kurz.
Der entscheidende Faktor für die Rückgabe der Uhr ist aber das fehlende GPS.

Um Geschwindigkeit und Strecke zu messen muss man immer ein Handy koppeln.

3 Multisport Watch

graphite copper
Die Uhr ist nicht schlecht aber Puls weicht zu Polar M bis zu 39 Schläge ab beim Laufen Bein Radfahren ist die Abweichung nur gering aber da ich viel nach Gefühl Trainiere ist sie ok.was auch nicht gut ist das man für GPS Genauigkeit Smart App einschalten muss was ich beim Laufen gar nicht brauche das Smartfon mit zu schleifen bei Polar M gehts ohne Smart Fon .

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