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Core Bike Computer and Tahuna App

Product code: 226190301

59.95 RRP €89.90

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The easy way. The Teasi Core bike computer and your smartphone are a perfect team for every terrain when paired with Bluetooth Smart 4.0. Once you have downloaded the free Tahuna app, you can simply enter the desired destination on your phone and hop on your bike: Arrow and voice navigation will show you the right way. If desired, you can even stay connected with your office, family or friends via Smart Notifications while enjoying the landscape.
Yet the approx. 50 g light Teasi Core has way more to offer. If required, it maintains constant contact with the Teasi speed and cadence sensor set (included) via Bluetooth Smart to document your training achievements. Let the 1,87-inch high-contrast LCD display show you different information on your speed, cadence or kilometres ridden or monitor the calories burned. You can also use those data for later analysis with the free Tahuna app. Discover a wide range of different features for training, competitions or relaxed tours through the countryside with the Teasi Core bike computer.


• Bike computer compatible with external Bluetooth 4.0 sensors (speed and cadence sensor included)
• Free TAHUNA navigation app (for Android & iOS; get a free In-App package with navigation, fitness and gadget elements after activation on www.tahuna.com)
• Tahuna app: Create individual tours with POIs, pictures and descriptions, free online and offline maps, profile-based navigation (among others, different cycling profiles, incl. e-bike package for the connection with an e-bike to calculate the range and much more)
• Enter a destination via the map of your smartphone (search by address, POI or Google search function)
• App-controlled premium navigation (e.g. premium tours created by pros for free download)
• Comfortable handling and configuration via the TAHUNA APP
• Arrow or voice navigation (controlled via the TAHUNA APP; Note: Voice output on smartphone.)
• Smart Notifications: notifications on incoming calls or messages (available for iOS and Android from 6.0)
• Track recording: extensive training and trip computer also available without app (e.g. speed, cadence, trip kilometres, time, calories)

Training Features:
• Speed: current/average/maximum
• Cadence: current/average/maximum
• Heart rate: current/average/maximum (optional, for a compatible heart rate strap see product code: 2256644)
• Trip kilometres/Total kilometres
• Distance alert
• Calories
• Altitude (via Tahuna app)
• GPS function (Connection to smartphone required): arrow/turn-by-turn navigation
• Navigation alert

• Supports Bluetooth 4.0 BLE for connection with external sensors and the TAHUNA app on your smartphone
• Resolution: 128x160 pixels
• Illuminated LCD display makes it easy to read in sunlight and darkness
• Screen size: approx. 5.08 cm (approx. 1.87 inches)
• Bike computer with 3 large buttons and one reset button (on the back side)
• Buzzer function to start navigation
• Display of time
• Lithium-polymer battery with 680 mAh (battery life of up to 85 hours; with constant backlight approx. 35 hours)
• Internal memory of approx. 64 MB (to store your data when not connected to the Tahuna app)
• Waterproof according to IPX5 (protection against penetrating splashing water)
• Compatible with Tahuna fix mounts for individual installation on your bike
• Dimensions: approx. 81 x 46 x 12 mm
• Weight (without mount): approx. 50 g

In the box: Teasi Core bike computer, speed and cadence sensor, handlebar mount, USB data and charging cradle

Manufacturer’s ref.: 40-29-1664

Compatible with ANT+:
Heart rate:
Power in watts:
Smart Notifications:
Display light:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
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Core Bike Computer and Tahuna App

Impossible d’allumer l’appareil après charge de la batterie. Retour à l’expéditeur.

Core Bike Computer and Tahuna App

My first order at Rose, an epic fail.

There are my e-mails to the manufacturer after very first "hands on" tests:

Dear Teasi Service Center,

I have received my new Teasi Core just yesterday.

Teasi firmware version is 1.1.2.I
Tahuna app version is 1.14.7387.20992_01L

My first look questions are:

I have registered a Tahuna account with my e-mail address and a password. Regardless that, a(noher) Google account MUST be (also) set up for Tahuna app. What to do, if I (registered with a Gmail address, but) do not want to set up (that) Google account on the phone (because of safety considerations)?
Unlike the users manual mentions a 1 sec long press on the middle button of the Teasi Core does not change to “App working mode” (when the device is in “bike computer mode”). Three beeps, but nothing else happens. I must switch off the Teasi device, and also quit Tahuna app THEN restart the device THEN restart the app. That is the ONLY sequence to get Teasi enters into “App working mode” again after once it was in “bike computer mode”. Sometimes when Teasi enters into standby mode it does not reconnect to the phone (Tahuna) after wake up. Then Tahuna must be quit and restart again. How could I solve that inconveniences?
Unlike the users manual mentions a 2 sec long press on the middle button of the device does not change to “pairing sensor mode” (when it is in “bike computer mode”). Three beeps, but nothing else happens. Fortunately, however, the speed and cadence sensor still works.
Unlike the users manual mentions a 1 sec long press on the right button does not stop recording (when the device is in “App working mode”). Three beeps but nothing else happens. How could I solve that issue? (Stopping is possible only via Tahuna app.)
There are no “recorded trips” in Tahun app AT ALL. Is that normal? Indeed, the device was stationary, but there were at least speed data generated (no more else, see below).
I have not seen the “smartphone GPS on” icon on Teasi display at all, however the GPS was continuously on (and the phone status line displayed that). What could be the reason?
Will the system record GPS track data as well as performance data (when it will not be stationary)? What if I used that on turbo trainer (stationary)? Can I export saved trips/data somehow directly from Tahuna app? (I do not use Windows, cannot use Tahuna Tool.)
When the Teasi device is in “App working mode” only the speed and cadence data (also altitude, calories and max altitude) are displayed (on the device display and also on mobile phone display) but not any time or distance related data. (The wheel circumference is set up of course.) Not even average nor maximum speed is displayed. How could I solve that issue? (Those data are displayed correctly, when the device is in “bike computer mode”.) (Two times some small data jumped in also in app working mode, 146 m total, but in that very moments nothing moved next to the sensor...)

It would be great if worked like advertised/supposed, but the above issues makes the usage rather inconvenient for me. Please convince me, that all of them could be solved if I operated the system with all the necessary knowledge.

Thank you,

Dear Service Center,

Today I used the Teasi Core in "App working mode" together with Tahuna App while went into my office (by car).

New findings were:

All "computer data" were displayed on Teasi, also time and distance related ones, as well as speed, however there were no speed sensor at all. Seemingly speed sensor is not designed to work in “App working mode” at all, however the users manual states, that “No matter which working mode is in, bike computer or app mode, it is needed to set wheel size on bike computer or app; otherwise, the data will not be accurate.”
There was no “Smartphone GPS on” icon at Teasi display at all, however the GPS were on, and Tahuna recorded the track data. It means, I cannot realise during a ride if the phone lost GPS signal in my pocket.
The Tahuna app needs permanent compass calibration. My phone requested that 1 or 2 times in the last 2 years in total, but every 2-5 minutes now with Tahuna app. I could not recognise that and calibrate the compass during a ride.
Now the Tahuna app recorded the ride, but not in last night, when I used Teasi stationary, also in “bike computer mode”, however the manual states, that “When the equipment is connected to Tahuna again, Tahuna will acquire this data and calculate it.” (System cannot be used to record mere training data without GPS track.)
Running Tahuna app (with display off) drained the phone battery to 70% in 1 hour (the half with no data recording and Teasi switched off, another half with data recording and Teasi switched on). It means, the “App working mode” cannot be used in the real life during a full tour day. (Indeed, my phone is not a power plant, but it runs “Ride with GPS” App all day on that battery consumption.)

I think Tahuna/Teasi system design idea progressive, and would be happy if worked nice, but I am sorry they are not suitable yet for my real life usage, therefore I am thinking of RMA.

Best regards,

In addition:

Product photos do not depict the actual item, but the display is edited on them. The resolution of the actual one, therefore the contrast of the text is far worse.

The speed magnet is surpisingly large, and is not prepared to put on aero spokes as well - contrary to the most common Cateye magnets.

I cannot suggest this product yet, however the idea is promising, it would be the best buy - if worked nice.

Core Bike Computer and Tahuna App

Nur die Navigation funktioniert. Tachofunktionen ungenau (z.B. dtaen werden aufgezeichnet, wenn das Fahrrad nicht bewegt wird), Übertragung zur App funktioniert nicht, Trittfrequenzsensor wird fast nie automtaisch gekoppelt. Daten im Tachomodus verschwinden einfach. Leider unbrauchbar. Auch der Support konnte nicht weiterhelfen.

Core Bike Computer and Tahuna App