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    A lot of passion and love for detail are the basis of our products. Besides technical perfection and sophisticated design, we attach special importance to the everyday suitability of our bikes, frames and accessories. Together with our developers and professional athletes, we test our material thoroughly, before it makes its way into our catalogue. What is more, we offer excellent service and friendly advice, to make your shopping experience at Rose perfect.

    Countless victories and purchase recommendations in multiple trade journals are a proof of our bicycle expertise. Come and see for yourself!

    The latest test results of all categories:


    "BEST IN TEST" for the BLACK LAVA-2 in aktiv Radfahren

    aktiv Radfahren - 05/2017

    Verdict: "Rose hits the nail on the head with the Black Lava. Perfect riding characteristics mixed with a well thought-out equipment turn this bike into one of the best urban bikes currently available. […]"


    ACTIVA PRO Pinion tested by Radwelt

    Radwelt - 02/2017

    Verdict: "Modern travel bike with high-quality features. Loves carrying a lot of luggage and going on big tours. Almost too good for everyday use."


    BLACK CREEK-2 tested by Bike & Trekking

    Bike & Trekking - 2/2017

    Verdict: "[…] The bike from Bocholt therefore feels home in the city and in the polder as well."


    "Outstanding" rating for the XEON CDX CROSS-4400 from BIKEBOARD.AT

    BIKEBOARD.AT - 04/2017

    Verdict: "Lightweight, stiff, extremely animating and good-looking - all these attributes offered at a fair price allow only one verdict: outstanding!"


    “GOOD” rating for the BLACK LAVA-2 in the Trekkingbike magazine

    Trekkingbike - 3/2017

    Verdict: "Frame and fork (with thru axle!) are perfectly matched and their technical sophistication is beyond all doubt […]"


    The PRO CGF-440 Ladies tested by "4Granfondo"

    4Granfondo (IT) - 03/2017

    “In our opinion, this bike offers a quality and value for money that is hard to find on the market. It knows how to meet the requirements of demanding cyclists and is yet also perfectly suitable for relaxed weekend rides.”


    XEON CW-3000 tested by Tour magazine

    Tour - 03/2017

    Verdict: "frame with good aerodynamics, high road stability, many feature options"


    PRO CGF-3000 tested in Tour magazine

    Tour - 03/2017

    Verdict: "high road stability, high suspension comfort, lightweight, excellent value for money, gearing suitable for mountains"


    "Best in test" for the X-LITE TEAM-8810 in Tour magazine

    Tour - 04/2017 (women's special)

    Verdict: "[…] The best grade in the test is awarded to the bike among other things because of its high-quality and lightweight components. The bike is spectacularly light [..] and available in many sizes." […]


    "Best in test" for the XEON TEAM CGF-4000 in Tour magazine

    Tour - 03/2017

    Verdict: "It is indisputable that this is a great piece of sports equipment, which deserves its excellent final grade in every respect. The frame set is not only lightweight, but also impressively stiff and comfortable."