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Magura Storm HC brake disc -2016-

The new Magura Storm HC brake disc offers high stability and is especially suitable for all-mountain, enduro and freeride users. · recommended for M...

RRP €30.00 21.95 

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Avid AVID Elixir/XX/X0/Level disc brake pads

Compatibility (2-piston brakes): · Avid Elixir brakes · Avid XX/X0 brakes · Avid DB brakes · Sram Level, Level T and Level TL · Backing plate: steel...

RRP €25.00 13.49 

Magura service kit

Contains everything you need to bleed and repair Magura disc and rim brakes: oil, 2 injections and small parts. Note: not suitable for brakes with ma...

RRP €26.95 25.95 

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Magura 7.P Performance Disc brake pads for MT2/MT4/MT6/MT8

Magura disc brake pads for MT2, MT4, MT6 and MT8 2-piston brake · Typ 7.P Performance · 2 pieces incl. fastening splint · Manufacturer's ref. 2701175...

RRP €19.90 14.95