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    • Rose

      Xtreme Pro Adjustable stem

      Xtreme Pro Adjustable stem black

      Xtreme Pro Adjustable stem black

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      24,95 €

      24,95 €
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      Xtreme Pro Adjustable stem 90mm

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      For features see item no. 309564, but with a handlebar clamp Ø of 25,4 mm.
      · available in length 90, 110 or 130 mm
      Please specify length!

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      from Martin Huber
      (written on 2014-04-05, 12:17:59 o'clock)
      Sehr gute Qualität, absolut nichts zu bemängeln.
      from Ulf Bergstrand
      (written on 2014-01-13, 11:58:56 o'clock)
      Bra detaljarbete
      from Christian Froboese
      (written on 2013-11-26, 11:38:44 o'clock)
      Sehr Gut
      from Rossi Paolo
      (written on 2013-10-30, 14:24:17 o'clock)
      Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo.
      from Werner Hofmeister
      (written on 2013-09-30, 18:11:11 o'clock)
      Sehr gute Qualität
      from Peter Völz
      (written on 2013-08-19, 18:44:42 o'clock)
      Schnell sauber ordentlich, mit anderen Worten wie immer super.
      from Thomas Breitschuh
      (written on 2013-05-10, 14:52:00 o'clock)
      Den habe ich nun 2 Jahre in Gebrauch und nix zu beanstanden. Obwohl ich bei so einem langen verstellbaren Vorbau unsicher war: Da lockert sich nichts von selbst. Gutes Ding, vernünftiger Preis.
      from Kåre Larsen
      (written on 2013-02-12, 08:37:17 o'clock)
      It works, It is cheap, It is easy to set the angle you want.. But a pity it is only available in black.
      from Antonio Imonti
      (written on 2013-01-21, 12:54:13 o'clock)
      from Johan De Clercq
      (written on 2013-01-14, 11:30:59 o'clock)
      veel belovend stuk
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      colour 90mm 110mm 130mm

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      colour 90mm 110mm 130mm

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