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LUMOTEC IQ-XS friendly E LED Headlight for E-Bikes

Product code: 230754901

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The LUMOTEC IQ-XS friendly E e-bike headlight by the German manufacturer Busch & Müller not only ensures great road illumination in front of you, but also lets you actively do something for the environment.

The special thing about this front lamp is that its housing is made of biodegradable plastic. And of course, the sustainable e-bike front light also offers a wide and even light field.
Generous 80 lux make your ride safe and let you see all the important details on your way. The built-in Senso technology automatically switches the lamp between light and dark mode. It this way, it automatically adapts to the light conditions. During the day, the daytime running light LEDs are activated; at dusk and in the dark, the headlight then switches to full intensity.

The LUMOTEC IQ-XS friendly E front light is made for pedelecs limited to a pedal support up to 25 km/h. It is attached to your e-bike with a robust stainless steel bracket. A front reflector can be mounted by simply screwing it on. Weighing just 90 g, this compact and yet stylish front light offers plenty of power.

• Robust housing made from biodegradable plastic
• Compact and powerful front light for e-bikes / pedelecs limited to a pedal support up to 25 km/h
• Big and even field of vision
• Light/dark sensor for automatic change between day/night mode)
• Sensor-controlled daytime running light
• Front reflector can be screwed on
• Light bracket made from high-quality stainless steel
• StVZO-approved for all types of bikes

Technical details:
• Material: biodegradable plastic (housing), stainless steel (bracket)
• Suitable for e-bikes* (6 to 42 volts direct current (DC))
• Brightness: 80 lux
• Ambient light sensor
• Daytime running light (sensor-controlled)
• Weight: approx. 90 g

The front light is compatible with a direct current power source (DC) of 8 to 42 volts. Some e-bikes can provide this, but NOT all do!
For the exact voltage supply of your e-bike lighting system, please check beforehand with the respective manufacturer.
NOT suitable for dynamo!
NOT approved for e-bikes with a speed above 25 km/h or speed pedelecs!

In the box:
• 1 B+M Lumotec IQ-XS friendly E front light for e-bikes

Busch & Müller “friendly”:
“Friendly” is a philosophy that affects all areas of the company Busch + Müller. Processes have been and are continuously analysed and adapted. Always with the aim of protecting the environment and operating more sustainably. One example is the heat utilisation of the plastic injection moulding plant: The waste heat from the spraying machines is used to power the underfloor heating in the production and storage halls. Furthermore, the packaging is being changed from plastic blisters to ecologically sustainable cardboard packaging from 100% FSC-certified forestry. This guarantees that all trees felled for the production of the paper are completely reforested. The goal of Busch + Müller is to become more and more "friendly" step by step.  

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