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Soul in the woods

The idea of founding a sportswear label and naming it maloja originated in the Upper Engadin mountains. The memories of an unforgettable deep snow day with friends inspire the Chiemgau company to this day and are reflected in the company philosophy: maloja stands for:

  • the determination to go your own way.
  • appreciating the simple and important things in life.
  • an honest and respectful approach to people and nature.
  • the ability to enjoy.

With passion, the team designs functional clothing for mountain biking, road cycling, cross-country skiing, climbing, ski touring and running and attaches great importance to a fashion- and lifestyle-oriented design. Maloja is located in Rimsting am Chiemsee.

The Alpan Way
Maloja Summer collection

When they look at the mountains, their hearts open up. They appear to be perfect. But they are anything but that. Mountains are subject to a constant process of change. Everything is moving. Everything is changing. For millions of years. Nothing about them is perfect. But they are touching. In their own way. They are what they are: old. Rugged. Drawn by wind and weather. And maloja thinks they are beautiful.

In Japan, there is a term for the beauty of the imperfect: Wabi Sabi. Much of what we encounter in this aesthetic concept of Zen Buddhism, is represented by maloja since the first day: attention to detail. Appreciation for old, used objects. Simplicity and honesty.

To call the current collection “Wabi Sabi” would be presumptuous. But as a company from the Alpine region, they identify themselves so much with this Japanese attitude towards life that it became their leitmotif and source of inspiration. Wabi Sabi stands for a certain way of looking at things. They may be simple, quiet, unpretentious. Yet, they radiate presence, authority and beauty. Just like the mountains.

Indulging in the natural cycle of becoming and passing away. Going your own way through life. Respecting human beings and nature. Passion, empathy and curiosity. That’s what Maloja stands for. And Wabi Sabi.

Alps + Japan = Alpan

The Alpan Way.
Inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism.
Made for the mountains.