Triathlon sportswear from professionals


Like a fish in water: The triathlon clothing by sailfish is developed and designed with first-hand knowledge from the company founder Jan Sibbersen, a former swimmer in the national team and professional triathlete. 

Comfortable and well-designed triathlon sportswear 
The company founded in 2007 produces its functional triathlon clothing with high quality standards. Excellent flexible workmanship and optimised gliding properties guarantee high speeds and great buoyancy in cool water. 
With sailfish, everything is from one hand 
sailfish has offered additional sportswear and accessories since 2008. How about an extra-wide clothes hanger for the careful and practical drying of your neoprene suit? A sports bag for all your triathlon equipment, drinks bottles, start number straps, neoprene adhesives, swimming caps and wetsuits appropriately extend the wide triathlon repertoire of sailfish. 
Designed for winners 
You can see the love of detail and the passion for triathlon sport in the athletic and ergonomic fit and the high-quality prints. Functionality and design go hand in hand at sailfish. 

Sportswear for all 3 disciplines 
In order to satisfy the demands of combined event competitions in the disciplines swimming, cycling and running, you can also find sweatshirts, tri tops, tri suits, as well as tri shirts for running at sailfish. sailfish integrates its professional experience into every individual product, while always keeping in mind that triathlon products should complement each other. To make you a winner.